Aluminium Baffled Oil Sump 7 Litre 2ZZ

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A high capacity baffled sump designed to combat the oil surge with 1ZZ and 2ZZ Toyota engines in Elise or Exige sports cars.

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The Moroso Aluminium Baffled Oil Sump is constructed using aircraft grade aluminium with internal baffles ensuring that the oil pickup has a constant supply of oil. This effectively eliminates any surge that can occur compared to the OEM oil pan. The sump also contains axillary ports to allow the future fitting of an oil catch can or turbo drain backs if required. Learn more about why oil management is so important when using your sports car for high performance driving applications.

Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions60 × 40 × 23 cm

211 & 211S, Elise, Elise 111R S2 Toyota 2ZZ [04-06], Elise R S2 Toyota 2ZZ [07-10], Elise S S2 Toyota 1ZZ [07-10], Elise SC S2 Toyota 2ZZ [08-10], Exige, Exige S2 2010MY SC 2ZZ [10-11], Exige S2 NA Toyota 2ZZ [04-06], Exige S2 SC Toyota 2ZZ [06-09]

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