Lotus Week


A week of optional driving experiences that are suitable for beginners, track warriors as well as friends or family. A choice of driving on exclusive closed road tarmac stage, some of Australia’s best race tracks and driver coaching.

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4 awesome driving events to choose from


Well done to the team at Lotus for continuously putting on such amazing events which allow spirited drivers such as myself to enjoy my lotus the way it was intended to be driven

Thanks to Lee and and all the LOTUS crew. It was an amazing day. It felt very privileged to have the track all to ourselves. some cracking times were had.

I had a great experience at the recent Lotus track day.

As always, the event was brilliantly run - with great technical support from Simply Sports Cars. I also enjoyed the venuE.

Thanks Richard, Lee, Richie, Mark and the rest of the SSC crew!

Driving events for Emira, Evora, Elise or Exige


Choose the event/s that suit your interests or do them all, it is up to you.

Each event will cater to different experience levels and yes it is possible for a first timer to participate in any of them. Road registered Lotus sports cars are eligible including the new Lotus Emira, Exige, Elise & Evora.

Come and join like minded driving enthusiasts on a week long schedule of driving activities that will be challenging and fun.


  • It is a set of 5 events that are supported by Lotus Cars Australia with a mix of road and track driving experiences.
  • There is a mix of exclusive Lotus only time as well as dedicated Lotus groups.
  • We will have exclusive use of a closed tarmac mountain pass road stage.
  • There is Lotus technician support available for each day.
  • You have the option of accomodation & meals that you can select & book yourself.
  • You can pick and choose which events to participate in.
  • It is available to anyone in Australia.
  • Driving groups split by experience and speed.
  • Open and inclusive for beginner or experienced drivers.


The locations for this year’s events include;

  • Mount Baw Baw
  • Phillip Island
  • Broadford
  • Lake Mountain


  • A road registered Lotus Emira, Exige, Elise or Evora.
  • Track only vehicles are also permitted based on the specific event regulations.
  • Each owner to drive their vehicle to each event or have it towed there.
  • Appropriate AASA Speed or equivalent Australian License.


  • On the day each vehicle is checked, each driver registers & attends a driver briefing session. 
  • There will be a mix of groups based on previous experience and/or vehicle type.
  • Sessions will be split based on the timing of the event on the day e.g a track day may have up to 6 x sessions.
  • Friends or family are welcome to spectate and this is what makes these events even more enjoyable as there is a great social aspect and sense of community. Some events will require a guest pass.


The choice is yours – you can do all 5 or just pick and choose what most interests you. There are limited numbers available for each event & they do cater to different experience levels.

So yes you can do each one back to back if you like & we’ll help take care of everything.

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Experience 1 - Sunday - Winton Lotus Only Track Day from $495

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Lotus Exclusive Track Day at Winton Raceway Victoria

Sunday 1st October
Exclusive for first timers or experienced track day lovers

from $495

Lotus Only Track Days are renowned for being welcoming, all inclusive, environments where passionate driving enthusiasts get to enjoy the use of a race track for the day. 100% exclusive to Lotus owners.

All types of Lotus owners are catered for with an untimed driver group for those that just want to experience the thrill of unleashing their Lotus on a track, a couple of timed groups for those that want to challenge the stopwatch and a sprint handicap group for those that like to challenge others.

  • Any experience level
  • Drive sessions are untimed & for fun
  • Sprint sessions are timed & for those who are a bit more serious about their track day driving
  • Road or track cars
  • Emira, Exige, Evora or Elise
  • Full day at the track

Experience 1 - Monday - Mount Baw Baw $POA

Lake Mountain Road

Get a taste of a closed tarmac rally tour mountain pass


Enjoy your Lotus on non-competitive driving runs on Mount Baw Baw.

It is a road section that we will set up to allow you to enjoy the thrill of country road driving.


  • Introduction briefing session
  • Guided drive

Experience 2 - Tuesday - Lake Mountain Tarmac Rally Tour from $880

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Lake Mountain Road

Get a taste of a closed tarmac rally tour mountain pass

from $880

Enjoy your Lotus on non-competitive driving runs up and down the Lake Mountain Road. We will have 100% exclusive use of this tarmac rally tour road stage.

It is a 10km closed road section that we will set up in a rally tour style with a leader & and controlled speed limits that allow you to enjoy the thrill of country road driving.


  • Spirited drive to Marysville for a welcome coffee
  • Introduction briefing session
  • Guided drive up the hill
  • Exclusive use of a 10 km closed road
  • Tarmac rally tour style with tour leads and speed limits
  • Passengers allowed & multiple runs up and down
  • Delicious gourmet lunch at the end of the event

Experience 3 - Tuesday - Phillip Island Charity Drive Day from $1,400

Charity Drive Days Philip Island Event Sept

Tuesday 3rd October
Have fun & raise funds for charity

from $1400

Charity drive days are about raising money for various charities that assist sick children. They managed to raise more than $2.5 million dollars for the charities they support.

There is plenty of track time available at one of Australia’s best race tracks. A $1,400 donation will get you plenty of track time at Philip Island, a catered lunch, motorkhanas on the skid pan, an optional run in the go karts and pre event dinner including drinks.

The Lotus Melbourne and Sydney teams will be on hand to provide track support. 

  • Join a great cause that has raised ~$3M since inception
  • Lotus group of between 20 and 25 cars
  • Plenty of track time &
  • Suits any experience level
  • Motorkhana on skid pan
  • Dinner the night before at Pinos
  • Catered breakfast and nice lazy long lunch
  • Optional Go-kart challenge
  • Exclusive garage usage

Experience 4 - Wednesday - Phillip Island Lotus Driving Academy from $895

Lotus Exige Phillip Island Australian Production Car Series EMP Lotus APC R

Improve your lap times & track driving skills.

from $895

The Lotus Melbourne Driving Academy is designed to give you the thrill of enjoying the true performance of your Lotus sports car on the race track.

Depending on your goals you can simply enjoy your car safely on track or we can help you take steps towards improving your driving ability. 

Regardless of your goals and experience level the team from Lotus Melbourne can help make sure you get the most fun from one of life’s great thrills – driving a Lotus like the maker intended.

  • Track support from Lotus technicians & race engineers
  • 6 x 20 minute on track sessions
  • Minimum of 2 In-Car coaching sessions from a driving instructor
  • Session debriefs and theory with experienced Lotus engineers and instructors
  • Low track densities
  • Access to Lotus Pit Garage
  • Catered Lunch
  • Barista coffee, Smoothies & and light refreshments

Thursday - Leisure day

Targa High Country tarmac rally February with Simply Sports Cars with a tour group

A rest day to explore and unwind

We have a short break and a well earned rest day that might mark the end of your wonderful adventure or be a pause before heading to the amazing Broadford.

You can enjoy the delights of Phillip Island, maybe head to central Melbourne or take a wander through the Yarra valley as you head back.

Experience 5 - Friday - Broadford Lotus Only Track Day from $660

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Broadford Track Day

Exclusive for first timers or experienced track day lovers

from $660


Broadford is one of the best circuits in Australia for enjoying the awesome handling of a Lotus with it’s mix of tight and technical corners, off camber exits, and a surprisingly quick back straight. 100% exclusive track use for Lotus owners.

Often rated as one of their favourite tracks by attendees at LMDA events last year, this challenging circuit really is a must experience for Lotus owners. With exclusive track use and of course full support from the Lotus Melbourne team.

Once you’ve been to Broadford, you’ll be wanting to go back!

We cater for all driving experience levels with groups for beginners, intermediate and advanced drivers. With exclusive use of the circuit, you can expect to enjoy the day with other like-minded Lotus owners.

So apart from improving your capability behind the wheel with plenty of track time, this event will be another great opportunity to enjoy the fantastic community that exists around Lotus ownership.

  • Loads of track time at a very Lotus friendly circuit
  • Garage facilities and catered lunch
  • Instructors available throughout the day.


What have people said about our driving events

“Absolutely fantastic event, i cant wait for the next one. Well done to the team at Simply Sports cars for continuously putting on such amazing events which allow spirited drivers such as myself to enjoy my lotus the way it was intended to be driven.”
Angelo Tzikas

“Thanks to Lee and and all the scc crew. It was an amazing day. It felt very privileged to have smsp all to ourselves. some cracking times were had.”


“I had a great experience at the recent Lotus track day at Eastern Creek. As always, the event was brilliantly run – with great technical support from Simply Sports Cars. I also enjoyed the venue – being 20 minutes from home is a real bonus. Thanks Richard, Lee, Richie, Mark and the rest of the SSC crew!”
Peter Wolsey 


“Awesome day, plenty of track time, considerate drivers, lots of spirited fun.”
Peter Ireland



“Bought my Lotus from them in 2013, have used them ever since for servicing & work, and attended a number of track events with them. Absolutely faultless, huge part of what makes Lotus ownership experience in Australia better than any other car I’ve owned by far. Simply the best. “
Peter Roberts


“Really enjoyed the track day and the social evening before.  Coming from the bush, I don’t often get the opportunity  to meet with like-minded spirits. Looking forward to Winton. See you there”
Trevor James


“Just a quick note to thank the Simply Sports Team for yesterday’s great event. The day ran so smoothly and just got better and better. As Josh noted, these are great Lotus community gatherings and you at Simply Sports need to be congratulated for not only the concept but the effort that must go on behind the scenes to run these fantastic events. Special thanks to Adrian who went out of his way to look at our intermittent (the worst) misfire and of course your Barista, Stuart (-:” 
Ian & Josh Ponton

“I want to thank you and everyone involved for a fantastic day yesterday. It was my first sprint outing but will not be my last. Although starting from a very low base, 1.26, by session 4 I had improved by 10s , lunch and age then slowed me a tad! Was particularly thankful with how courteous everyone was on track. Special thanks to Paul who featured me very briefly in the video posted (following SSC Evora) Can’t make Winton but will book next year. Thanks again”
Peter Shorten


“Thanks for a great day, and for making me feel welcome. It was quite hard bringing Elijah’s car down for a run. I am glad that I did. I look forward to making it to a few more LOTD’s in the future.”
Tom Cunneen

“This was my first track day in the 250 Cup since taking delivery a few months ago. Driving the car on the street, you’d be forgiven for thinking it its just a tarted up Elise. However, when you get to the circuit, the car really comes alive, and shows you that its a serious weapon. All those little changes – a bit less weight, a bit more power, ligher wheels, the aero, the suspension, the R Spec tyres, they all come together to push the 250 round the circuit faster and faster. My lap times fell in every session.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the car and the crew of SSC, who are always there to help out on the day. Looking forward to Winton and shaving some more seconds off my times!”



Common questions about our driving events

– Arrival at track
– Registration
– Driver’s Briefing
– All Drivers are split into their groups for the sessions to begin
– Alternating sessions during the day for each group Drive, Sprint, Race
– Normal duration is from 8:00am and should be finished by 4:00pm.

To drive your car on track at any of these events you will need:

  • A helmet that meets current Australian standards 
  • Non Flammable clothing that covers ankles to wrist such as long sleeve cotton T-Shirt and jeans.
  • A current driver’s licence

To enter a Lotus Cars Australia Bathurst/Winton Track Day or a Lotus Melbourne Driving Academy Broadford Track Day or the Lake Mountain Tour you will also need:

  • AASA event licence or approved equivalent. You can get a AASA general speed licence here. You cannot get an event licence on the day it must be obtained prior to the event. A Motorsport Australia Speed licence is an approved equivalent.

An approved helmet can be either an approved motorcycle helmet or and approved car racing helmet. For those participating in the Sprint category, it is recommended that you have an approved car racing helmet rather than a motorcycle helmet. For those participating in the Race category, a car racing helmet is mandatory.

  • Helmets generally are not available for hire or purchase at the track.

  • Motorcycle helmets need to meet the Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1698 (or equivalent) as a minimum.

  • Car racing helmets need to meet Snell SA 2010 (or equivalent) as a minimum.

  • One of the key differences between a motorcycle helmet and a car racing helmet is that a car racing helmet with Snell SA 2010 rating or higher will have a better fire resistance rating compared to the motorcycle helmet.

  • Should you get an Open Faced or Closed helmet; this is personal choice and will depend on what type of helment you get and what you will use it for.

  • If you are needing to purchase a helmet for the LOTD, you should consider your future needs when deciding on which type of helmet to purchase. If you are considering entering any super sprint or Targa style events that are run under CAMS regulations, you MUST have a car racing helmet that meets the Snell SA 2010 standard (or equivalent) as a minimum.

  • Snell standard helmets can be sourced through Motor Cycle Accessories Superstore(operated by a fellow Lotus club owner).

  • The Auburn superstore has the best range of car racing products. Ask for Tony, Jessie or Scott and make sure you mention that you are a Simply Sports Cars customer and they will look after you.


Need comms as well?


We sell a Stilo based solution that can be retro-fitted into non Stilo helmets. A good value option we have uncovered after a lot of research. There are two grades. Trophy is the entry level, WRC is the next level. We have a few people using the entry level Trophy and they say it is fine for casual use.


Both kits are powered by 9V battery and the WRC has an optional hard wiring kit, we’ve had people do 4 days of Targa Tasmania on 1 x 9V battery and still had charge. When building your kit you need to nominate whether you are running full or open face helmets.


Trophy Amplifier approx $150

Trophy speakers and mic (open face) approx $110

Trophy speakers and mic (full face) approx $100

WRC 9V Amplifier approx $320

WRC speakers and mic (open face) approx $1140

WRC speakers and mic (full face) approx $130

Contact us for the latest pricing and availability

Yes, we bring our Mechanic & Engineering Crew to the track to provide support and assistance during the day. Its like having your own Factory backed race team at hand.

More information about our exclusive track days

Preparing yourself

Your vehicle:
Having the support of the Simply Sports Car Team will ensure that your car is well prepared and considered for the entirety of the day. if you have any concerns or questions just contact us prior.


Be alert: 
it’s going to be an adrenaline-filled day, so get a good night’s sleep, keep hydrated, and avoid alcohol the night before.


Speed & danger awareness: 
When you are on a track, doing 100km/h may not seem very fast as there is lots of space generally. A Lotus can very easily reach 150km/h or more and many of the tracks are lined with walls. It is important to approach the day slowly and gradually. 


Your attire: 
wear clothes that cover your arms and legs, so no shorts or t-shirts. As for shoes, thin-soled trainers or sneakers work well to ensure you have good pedal-feel. Motorbike helmets may be allowed but we suggest investing in one that complies to motorsport standards, either open face or full-face.

These will be more expensive, but they will be more comfortable and should the worse happen then they offer greater protection and are fireproof.

At the track

Arrive early
signing forms, registration and number stickers: so that you have plenty of time to find your pit garage, and get organized without rushing around worrying about everything.

Attending the briefing is compulsory for everyone, regardless of experience. This is where the organisation will run through the format and timing of the day, along with the rules and flag signals. 

Get Instruction: 
we all think we know what is meant by ‘the line’, but if it’s your first track day, you may be surprised by a few things regarding corners. Tracks are all about corners, straights are boring. There are many experienced track day veterans around on the day, who will be quite happy to give you pointers. Use their experience.

Look well ahead:
As you pass the ‘turn in’ you should already be looking past the ‘apex’ cone, and on to the exit cone. It’s easy not to look far enough ahead. Try to see the ‘big picture’ – the whole corner.

Braking for corners: 
Burn off the right amount of speed and change down BEFORE you turn. If you are adept at ‘heel and toe’ to get the engine to the right revs for the next gear, so much the better – but don’t worry if you’re not – the last thing you need to try is your first ‘heel and toe’ at 120+ kph.

Only overtake on the straights, and never in braking zones. Use your mirrors; if you feel that a faster car behind you “puts on the pressure”, allow it to overtake. To signal to the driver behind you, use your indicator, pull to one side of the track and go easy on the throttle. Remember; safe overtaking requires the cooperation from both parties. Anyone “diving down the inside” under braking will be pulled in and asked to explain themselves.

Flag signal meanings

Yellow – There is danger ahead. Slow to half speed and no overtaking is allowed until you have passed the incident, this may be followed by a green flag to indicate all is now clear.

Red – There is danger ahead. Slow to half speed and no overtaking is allowed, but this time it refers to the whole circuit. You must also return to the pitlane immediately.

Black – Return to the pitlane immediately and report to the organisers. There may be something wrong with your car that you are not aware of or they may need to chat to you about your driving.

Yellow and red stripes – Slippery surface. Be very careful; there maybe oil or other fluid on the track

Blue – The overtaking flag. There is a faster car behind you wishing to overtake, move over when next on a straight

Chequered – End of session. Drive slowly round to the pits giving the car a chance to cool.

Driving home after the track day

If you’re driving your Lotus home, give it a good check-over before hitting the road. We don’t want you to get stranded, so ask for advice if you have doubts about anything.

Don’t try to “clip that apex” on public roads. Police presence is likely, so be on your best behaviour.