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No other car manufacturer can claim a better track record when it comes to designing and building thoroughbred sports cars. Over the last seven decades, Lotus has remained true to the ethos of its founder Colin Chapman.


Lotus applies his approach to precision engineering and automotive innovation, while using the latest technologies and advanced materials. Lotus ensures that every sports car it creates is strong, yet light, with a laser sharp focus on creating a tactile driving experience.

The Eletre, Emira, Elise, Exige and Evora vehicles are available for sale in Australia from our dealership locations in Sydney or Melbourne.


All Lotus vehicles sold in Australia are backed by a comprehensive service, warranty and roadside assistance programme from Lotus together with our comprehensive driving events programme.

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A fully electric four door hyper GT


The world's first hyper SUV

The Eletre redefines the SUV category with class leading design, performance & the latest in electric automotive technology.

It is an SUV filled with motorsport derived aerodynamics, the latest in digital technology & wrapped in a body that turns everyday driving into an experience


The last sports car of its generation

The Emira represents the last ever petrol powered Lotus sports car to be produced. A culmination of incredible supercar styling, handling and performance that Lotus is known for.

One of the last true drivers cars with a mid-engined, rear-wheel drive layout in a lightweight chassis ready to provide a phenomenal driving experience.


So many roads, so little time.

The iconic Lotus Elise has long been celebrated as one of the purest sports cars money can buy. Few cars can rival its tactile agility.

A mid-engined, rear-wheel drive sports car with an ultra-responsive lightweight chassis, capable of delivering an exhilerating driving sensation providing phenomenal steering feedback with surefooted handling.

With its laid back seating position, as soon as you sit in the Lotus Elise you look like you’ve jumped into a formula racing car, turn into a corner & you will feel like you are in one.


Pure adrenaline

The pinnacle of driving for motoring aficionados looking for high performance, agility, dynamic handling and an exhilarating driving experience in a sports car.

The Lotus Exige has always blended the extreme and the sublime. In true Lotus fashion, it traces its origins back to motorsport, conceived from technology developed in competition. With its highly-tuned engine producing over 250kW, dramatic styling, tenacious handling & a lightweight sub 1200kg body.

Lotus’ recipe for intense performance remains instantly recognisable.


Performance and practicality

A driver’s car delivering dynamic performance & everyday comforts. Leather or Alcantara, 2+2 seating configuration, cruise control, GPS, reverse parking camera, heated seats & ample boot space yes, we are still talking about a Lotus.

It is conceptualised as an everday road car developed on the racetrack for serious drivers, who enjoy the combination of performance, comfort & convenience. Use the Evora 400 as a daily driver & head out for the occasional spirited track day.