Automotive Engineering Services

Simply Sports Cars designs, develops and engineers many different vehicle parts and upgrades. We have several degree-qualified engineers on the team who take what we learn at the track & apply it to our vehicle developments.

More than fifty performance parts developed locally

Like many race teams around the world, we design automotive performance parts based on the lessons we learn at the track.  Our team are focussed on extracting practical, usable performance out of your car with our in-house design and development expertise.

Simply Sports Cars has the latest in CAD modelling software and 3D measuring equipment. We are able to develop all manner of components from a one-off CNC machined part to large volumes of cast components, printed circuit boards or sheet metal work down through to the smallest of brackets.

We have built a solid foundation of expertise and a network of quality suppliers to satisfy any engineering project or application.

Simply Sports Cars Engineering Design of a Toe Link Kit for a Lotus Elise Sports Car

Toe Link Kit

Simply Sports Cars developed and engineered a toe link kit upgrade for Elise and Exige.

The aluminium toe-link adjuster arms have LH and RH threads and a knurled centre section to aid in adjustment during a wheel alignment.

These are also designed to bend in an incident, protecting the rear sub frame.

The old ball joints have been replaced by high grade spherical rose joints and pressed fittings, machined from high tensile zinc plated steel.

Simply Sports Cars Enginnering have designed a charge cooled TVS supercharger kit for the Lotus Exige V

Supercharger kits

Simply Sports Cars developed the TVS1900 supercharger kit many years ago and we have continued to evolved this upgrade kit over the years.

The TVS1900 charge cooled supercharger kit for the V6 Lotus Exige now cools the intake air for even greater benefits, particularly for competition cars running in warmer climates.

These kits have been used on race cars in the Australian Production Series and at Targa Australia tarmac rally events.

Simply Sports Cars Engineering designed harnes bar kit for Elise and Exige vehicles

Safety harness bar kit

The Simply Sports Cars harness bar kit was developed for Elise and Exige track day enthusiasts. The CNC machined aluminium clevis pieces insert into high tensile steel tubing. 

Discretely mounted behind the seats it enables owners to have one or two safety harnesses tucked away neatly, ready for use when they are at the track or doing performance driving with a 4 or 6 point harness.