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A car dealership like no other. You can buy a sports car & get help to use it all year round to do track days and other driving experiences. We specialise in creating a lifestyle for driving enthusiasts.

The only Australian car dealership run by race engineers.

Simply Sports Cars was founded by Director & Engineer Lee Knappett in 2006 with an aim to import used Lotus cars from the UK to Australia. A delay in testing and granting of licences made Lee decide to put his Degree in Automotive Engineering to use and he assisted with racing circuit track support for drivers competing in the single-make Lotus race series running at the time. 

As with any race car, room for improvement was quickly identified on the Lotus Exige and that is how the development of Simply Sports Cars focus on high performance sports car products was born.

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Wish i could give 10 stars !! SSC continually provide the highest level of support, innovation & service in the industry. Completely unrivalled by any other dealership or workshop.

These guys are, well, they really make the overall experience of purchasing a vehicle one of the best experiences of my life! Not only are the staff reassuring, genuine, and honest, but they will take the time to ensure that your purchase is specifically unique to your requirements, down to the most fastidious details. They are more than a car dealership!

These guys are absolutely fantastic, i have never had the pleasure of having a better dealership looking after my vehicle. I recently went for a track day organised by them and it was a day to remember. Service and knowledge is top notch and they are all such nice people

I've purchased several cars and had this group maintain them. They a simply a class act in the motor vehicle industry in terms of service, sales, and ongoing support. Their success is clear evidence in this somewhat difficult industry.

A dealership that
specialises in selling sports cars.

Simply Sports Cars is a local car dealership with locations in Sydney & Melbourne that specialises in selling sports cars for driving enthusiasts. Unlike other car dealerships, the heritage of Simply Sports Cars stems from its involvement with local motorsport including track days, targa tarmac rallies, endurance racing and production car racing.

It is the only high performance sports car dealership in Australia that will encourage & support you to participate in track days, advanced driver training and other bespoke performance driving events so that it creates a lifestyle around using your car all year round. The team is often seen at racetracks in Australia like Sydney Motor Sport Park Eastern Creek, Wakefield Park Raceway, Phillip Island, Winton or even Sandown Raceway helping owners enjoy the performance levels an Elise, Exige, Evora or X-BOW can deliver.

High performance sports car
dealerships in Sydney and Melbourne​

As Simply Sports Cars’ reputation for designing products and offering services for Lotus sports cars like the Elise and Exige grew, news filtered down to track day enthusiasts and other high performance car owners who wanted quality servicing and repairs to be carried out by experienced professionals.

As a result, the team at Simply Sports Cars rapidly expanded and outgrew their original Balmain dealership location, forcing a move to Artarmon on Sydney’s North Shore. In 2013, the national importer for Lotus cars recognised the prominence of Simply Sports Cars within the Lotus community and granted exclusive dealership rights for the NSW.

Simply Sports Cars Lotus became the number one dealer for Lotus sports cars sales in Australia & were soon awarded the rights to be the National Distributor for Lotus with dealerships in Sydney & Melbourne.

Lotus sports car
dealership in Australia​

Elise, Exige, Evora are available for sale at our dealerships in Australia that are run by our team of driving enthusiast focussed staff. We can help you service & build your lifestyle around using your sports car with other driving enthusiasts all year round.

The team even designs & manufactures a range of performance upgrades that have been developed from their many years of motorsport expertise. So whether you are a buying your first Lotus sports car and are a beginner looking to do a track day or you have aspirations of doing motorsport – our Australian dealership  can help you.

KTM X-BOW sports car
dealership in Australia​

With a focus on high performance sports cars that are track focussed, it became almost natural that KTM chose Simply Sports Cars to sell the X-BOW and X-BOW GT models in Australia. The KTM X-BOW is one of the best high performance sports cars you can buy in Australia and is essentially an open wheel formula racing car for the road.

The X-BOW is available for sale at our dealerships in Australia and we provide servicing, upgrades and customisations from KTM directly from the factory