Elise 2ZR Level 1 245HP Engine Power Upgrade Kit

$2,350.00 ex tax

Level 1 – 245 horsepower upgrade kit for the supercharged Lotus Elise sports car that improves engine breathing for better performance.

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The Simply Sports Cars engineering team have designed and developed this power upgrade kit for the Lotus Elise that is focussed on improving engine breathing to increase factory performance levels. It is the most popular upgrade that most owners will install on their Elise sports car.


The supercharged 2ZR engine in the Lotus Elise responds well to what our team would call “classic” exhaust manifold tuning. This includes optimised runner design and nicely detailed collectors to improve performance. Unfortunately most OEM designs fall short of what is ideal because the manufacturer has various constraints placed upon their engineers relating to production costs. The Simply Sports Cars designed exhaust manifold design specifically addresses any performance-related issues and when it is combined with our cold air induction kit it provides a noticeable improvement in engine breathing. To take advantage of that, our engineers also re-flash the ECU with a custom tune to ensure optimal driveability, performance and reliability are delivered.


The key features of the Level 1 kit include;

  • Exhaust manifold designed with optimal runner lengths and diameters to maximise the inherent potential of the 2ZR engine.
  • Refined collector design for improved exhaust gas flow, which mates to standard downpipe and catalyst.
  • Exhaust manifold manufactured from T409 stainless steel, with CNC mandrel bends and robotic welds for consistent high quality and perfect fit every time.
  • Ceramic coating of exhaust manifold to reduce engine bay temperature and improve looks.
  • Cold air induction kit featuring CNC machined and welded MAF sensor mount
  • All the necessary silicone joining pieces and clamps, a lightweight aluminium pipe and HKS, high-performance filter.
  • Induction kit promotes laminar flow upstream of the supercharger, improving MAF sensor accuracy and reducing airflow restriction.
  • Slight reduction in weight over standard parts that are replaced.
  • Power and torque improved throughout the rev range with a peak of 245.5bhp (vs. 220 as standard).



  • This is a quick and cost-effective way of getting similar performance to a Cup 250.
  • This engine upgrade is superb foundation for future performance upgrades, such as the Level 2 Power Upgrade.
  • A bit more supercharger whine from the intake, which adds to the sense of occasion while driving.
  • This upgrade has a ‘stealth’ element to it, and the components, that aren’t immediately obvious to a casual observer. It means you can give your Elise a power upgrade that will be felt, but not seen.



  • There is a slight increase in fuel consumption (more power needs more air and fuel).
  • If are considering the Level 2 Power Upgrade, it is more cost effective to do that rather than take two steps.
  • The engine is slightly louder throughout the rev range, particularly at large throttle openings

Additional information

Weight60 kg
Dimensions40 × 40 × 40 cm

Elise, Elise S3 1.8 Toyota 2ZR [12-Now]

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