SSC Oil Catch Can Kit

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Simply Sports Cars developed Oil Catch Can Kit to help prevent the engine sucking oil in through the induction system.

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The Simply Sports Cars Oil Catch Can Kit is a lightweight small can designed to mount in the available engine bay space close to the valve cover with outlets positioned to suit this application. The factory crank case ventilation system is a closed loop PCV system. It is designed to feed oil vapour back into the air intake to be combusted in the engine. For track use, during right hand cornering, the oil cannot drain down from the valve cover fast enough and pools at the left hand end of the cover and is sucked along with oil vapour into the to the air intake.

The Simply Sports Cars catch can does not feed into the intake so that it eliminates any chance of oil entering the head and affecting engine operation. All other pipes and crankcase ventilation is retained. The Simply Sports Cars catch can is particularly suited to supercharged cars where boost increases vacuum at the intake, so in addition to oil entering the head, it coats the intercooler pipes and reduces their cooling efficiency.


Suitable for track use only.


Learn more about the general benefits of oil management in the video below

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Dimensions32 × 25 × 11 cm

211 & 211S, Elise, Elise 111R S2 Toyota 2ZZ [04-06], Elise R S2 Toyota 2ZZ [07-10], Elise SC S2 Toyota 2ZZ [08-10], Exige, Exige S2 2010MY SC 2ZZ [10-11], Exige S2 NA Toyota 2ZZ [04-06], Exige S2 SC Toyota 2ZZ [06-09]