Exhaust for Exige S or Sport 350

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Simply Sports Cars developed high performance sports exhaust options for a 2GR-FE V6 powered Lotus Exige S or 350

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No better way to showcase our high performance sports exhaust options for the Lotus Exige V6 than to listen to it performing at Targa Tasmania in Australia. Lotus Exige has won its class numerous times over the recent years across various targa tarmac rally events and most of the vehicles were fitted with our exhaust products developed by our engineering team.


For more than 3 years our team has been fitting different systems to Lotus sports cars that have been subjected to maximum stress environments to learn about durability & performance characteristics. You get the benefits from those learnings by being able to fit the very same systems to your Exige powered by a 2GR-FE V6 engine.


Key features and benefits;

  • Flash / No flash options, Cat / No Cat options, Single or Dual mode exhaust options


  • Our high performance exhaust system is an unrestricted, free-flowing design for optimal high-velocity exhaust gas extraction.


  • Designed in real-world conditions both on race tracks and tarmac rally events on class or category winning vehicles.


  • Does not cause engine check light warnings.


  • Equal length tuned header set, with design input from a renowned Toyota motorsports specialist with decades of experience. Our headers have 44mm primaries, 62mm/2.5″ secondaries, collected in a 76mm/3″ outlet, and are constructed using lightweight stainless steel components for superior corrosion resistance and longevity.


  • All joints are immaculately welded by skilled fabricators. Whilst aesthetics are secondary in our systems, quality craftsmanship never fails to look good.


  • The ‘dual mode’ muffler option uses reliable valve technology from a tier one OEM supplier.


  • To prevent potentially dangerous exhaust leaks, we used V-Band connections where it matters, rather than cheap u-bolts/clamps.


  • Changeable exhaust tip (single or twin), with an option to replace the tip with an extra silencer with tunable disc technology (in development).


  • For extra durability over repeated thermal expansion and contraction cycles, we used double bellows, rather than a single bellows with slip joints elsewhere.


  • Optimised location of primary oxygen sensors, allowing the ECU to read reliable lambda signal.


  • Secondary O2 sensors are redundant in our system. In the OEM system, these are used to measure efficiency of the catalytic converters only, and are not required for air/fuel optimisation for performance targets. Our system removes the dual OEM pre-cats and uses a single 200 cell high-efficiency cat further downstream.


  • Supplied with hand-held reflash device, for programming the factory ECU via OBDII port (new maps supplied). This device can be omitted, for those who use an aftermarket ECU and opt to do custom tuning. Note that the reflash device is only required when purchasing the full system, and is NOT required when purchasing a muffler only.


  • Like all our parts, our exhausts are engineered for Motorsport reliability, and not just for the occasional track day (see video above). This car has had our system since 2017, and has been through 3 gruelling motorsports seasons without a single failure.


  • The SSC header kit cannot be installed without our backbox solution and vice versa.  In short, the only way to upgrade the exhaust system on these models is to purchase a complete system, from header to backbox & there are variations available to suit different applications.




*Dual-mode exhaust designed to fit cars that have dual-mode exhaust fitted from new, however these can also be retro-fitted to cars originally supplied with single-mode exhaust for details please email info@simplysportscars.com

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Exige, Exige S V6 3.5 2GR [12-Now], Exige S V6 3.5 2GR Auto [12-Now]

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Single, Dual

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