SSC Evora carbon fibre armrest with cup holder

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Upgrade the armrests of your Lotus Evora sports car with some added storage & functionality, including a cup holder. The simple way to add some more storage spaces for driver or passenger.

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Better storage and functionality

We developed these stylish carbon fibre armrests to replace the standard Lotus Evora units. Specifically designed to;

  • Be comfortable to rest your elbow
  • To provide four new storage bin locations
  • Include a driver and passenger side cup holder location
  • Suitable space to store a wallet, mobile phone, coins, cards or other bits and pieces to have them within easy reach.
  • Made out of carbon fibre to be light weight, durable & match the interior of the Evora sports car


How does it get installed?

If you are experienced working with vehicle interiors then it may be possible that you can install this yourself. Although we would recommend taking it to a vehicle servicing location that has experience working on interiors like dash trims, door cards, carpet replacement etc as they will have the tools, knowledge and experience to install this type of product. You do need to be able to remove the Evora factory door cards to install these units.

We can provide our step by step installation guide as required.


What models of Evora does it suit?

This product has been designed for late model Evora’s that do not currently have the door card with the full armrest installed. If you are unsure just email us a photo of your vehicle as there are different specifications that were sold around the world

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions60 × 25 × 20 cm



Evora, Evora 400 IPS [15-Now], Evora 400 Manual [15-Now]

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