SSC Lotus Evora Harness Bar Kit

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We have designed a bolt in harness bar for 4-point and 6-point harnesses that is compatible with Evora and Evora 400 models that is ideal for track days or targa rally events. A unique design crafted by our motorsport engineers that is subtle and doesn’t require the rear seats to be removed.

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A bolt in harness bar for a Lotus Evora sports car

  • Designed by our motorsport engineering team
  • Simple bolt in product design
  • Rear seat cushions can still be used
  • Mounting bar for fire extinguisher & comms equipment
  • CNC machined for precision and strength
  • Works with factory fitted seats


Designed by the Simply Sports Cars engineering team the Lotus Evora Harness Bar Kit is a bolt in item that enables the front seat occupants to use a harness in the Evora sports car. There are no modifications like welding or holes cut into your vehicle, our design bolts into place and ensures your vehicle can be returned to factory condition if required.


Extracting the most performance from your Evora on a track or targa tarmac rally requires a very high level of concentration and fine sensitivity in your steering, pedal, and gear shift inputs. Not being adequately supported and sliding around in your seat means that some degree of mental capacity is being used on supporting yourself – this could be used to absorb feedback from the car, controlling the car and going faster.


Plus when you brace yourself it usually means you are gripping onto the steering wheel tighter, or leaning your leg against the car which compromises steering and pedal inputs. Being properly strapped in with a racing harness is the first step to maximising driver performance.

What does our Evora harness bar kit include?

  • Harness bar that is a  MIG welded plate and tube design of mild steel construction.
  • Black powder coated surface finish for discreet interior aesthetics.
  • CNC machined mild steel rear mount to support the T brace of the harness bar to the rear seat belt mounts.

What else do you need?

  1. Harness – you need to purchase your choice of harness for the driver and/or passenger. We recommend Schroth, it is what we use for all our track day or motorsport applications.
  2. Lap belt mount – this isn’t included in our kit because everyone has a different preference of harness to use. For each type you need to be able to mount the lap belts on either side of the seats, different harnesses will require different mounts. We have designed our own lap belt mount for the Evora that suits the Schroth lap belts. Our mount may be suitable for other brands, just check with the manufacturer directly. We’ve included a photo in the gallery for reference only.
  3. Tilted seat brackets – this isn’t a ‘must have’ although in selected Evora specifications the seats are mounted in a very ‘flat’ position. We developed our tilted Evora seat brackets to address this. They can be used with our harness bar kit to improve driver comfort. We’ve included a photo in the gallery for reference only.
  4. Installation – yes, we know, sounds simple that we are mentioning this, but many people forget. Some may do it themselves, but if you prefer to have it done for you we can have a whole kit installed at our workshop in Sydney or Melbourne. This might also include a fire extinguisher or even helmet communications, we can customise an install to suit your needs.

Can we ship our harness bar kit to any country?

Yes, absolutely, we can ship our harness bar kit anywhere in the world. Due to the bulk of this item for any overseas customers please contact us directly for shipping options & quotations. To send this kit from Australia to the USA can cost between $300 & $400 for example. You also have to allow for local customs / import duty which will vary country to country, it could be between 10 and 25%.


How does this harness bar get installed?

Our Evora harness bar can be installed in less than 30 minutes…. rather than us showing you, watch iDuc from Lotus Talk. His daily drive is a 2017 Lotus Evora 400. His Evora serves all purposes – daily driver, kid shuttle, and track weapon. He bought our kit and installed it himself.


What harness do we recommend?

We always suggest the Schroth Lotus II OEM 4-pt professional harness with wrap attachment 3“ shoulder belts and Lotus specific bolt-in 2“ lap straps. Rotary buckle (FIA). ASM feature on shoulder strap and optional crutch strap facility. Designed for most Lotus models. Buckle is attached to inboard lap belt, must be ordered left and right side specific. FIA approved. FIA regulations (FHR compatible)

  • 2″ (50mm)
  • Pull Down
  • no – 3″ (75mm) Shoulder Belts
  • FIA


The Schroth harnesses we provide will have a validity of 5 years. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to use them afterwards, it’s just that they won’t be permitted if you are competing in certain categories of racing, most casual track days should be fine. For selected competitive events the validity of all such safety devices like helmets, fire extinguishers, fuel bladders etc are scrutineered in most countries. Although it is always best to check with the local organisers. Our design has been crafted such that you can retain the OEM seat belt + reel for road use, when not in use, the harness can simply be tucked away.



Does our harness bar fit a US spec Evora GT?

Yes, our Evora harness bar can be installed into a US spec Evora GT. You just have to let us know if your vehicle is either a 2+2. or 2+0 configuration, the reason we ask is that sometimes people may modify their vehicle.

Additional information

Weight7 kg
Dimensions120 × 64 × 10 cm

Evora, Evora 400 IPS [15-Now], Evora 400 Manual [15-Now], Evora IPS [10-15], Evora Manual [10-15], Evora S IPS [10-15], Evora S Manual [10-15]

Evora seating configuration

With rear seat 2+2, Without rear seat 2+0

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