Evora Tilted Seat Brackets

$218.40 ex tax

We designed this new seat bracket so that the carbon seats in an Evora 400/410/430 are not as ‘upright’ as the factory position.

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We designed a new set of sear brackets that can be used in the Lotus Evora sports car for models that use the fixed carbon seats fitted from the factory. While the factory seats are beautiful & quite comfortable they are set in quite an ‘upright’ position which is less than ideal for thigh support. Our bracket is designed to add 2 degrees of additional rearward tilt to create a more ergonomic seating position in the Lotus Evora.


The SSC kit features:

  • A pair of seat brackets. Designed to re-use all of the pre-existing fasteners


  • Brackets are powder coated matte black for a durable, discreet finish


  • Sold in pairs (1 pair per seat, 2 pairs per car)



Frequently asked questions

  • Can I fit this myself or do I have to take it to a workshop?
    Either. Installation is relatively simple with only basic tools required. Allow approximately 30-45 minutes per seat.


  • Will my seat still be adjustable?
    Yes. These brackets bolt on to the standard frame/ runners and the full range of adjustability is retained. However, this range is brought forward by about 55mm to cater for slightly shorter occupants.


  • Will I still be able to use my standard seatbelts?
    Yes- nothing changes with the seatbelt configuration.


  • Will this also fit non-carbon seats?
    No, these brackets are designed only for the carbon seats fitted to the Evora 400/410/430

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions10 × 50 × 25 cm

Evora, Evora 400 IPS [15-Now], Evora 400 Manual [15-Now]



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