SSC Shift And Crossgate Cables Exige V6

$761.60 ex tax

Up rated shift cable to suit the manual transmission V6 Exige S sports car to give you significantly improved shift feel during gear changes

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We designed this replacement shift and cross-gate cable set to suit owners of manual Exige V6 sports cars. We wanted to improve on some aspects of the factory fitted cable to help it stand up to regular use and high performance driving applications. The standard cable doesn’t have tight tolerances from the factory and over time the ball joint at the lever end as well as the fitting at the gearbox end of the cable either wears out or elongates.


Our cable replaces both ends with high quality Teflon lined spherical rod ends. The plastic cable guides are replaced with brass nickel plated sleeves with dust caps to help with the axial loads on the ends of the cable. A slight redesign at the gearbox end sees a new larger operating rod with double protection neoprene boots.
The cable itself has been changed to a low friction cable which reduces shift lever force and backlash in the cable. The cable core is also internally splined allowing for a close tolerance low friction fit with the inner cable. It is then covered by heat shield tube to insulate and protect the cable from the harsh conditions of the engine bay.

Various iterations of cables were trialed and tested and this version of the Simply Sports Cars shift and cross-gate cable has stood up to every track and driving style it was subjected to. It is a stronger cable to cope with race conditions while having a more positive engagement feel with smoother operation.

The price listed is for a set of shift and cross-gate cables.

Additional information

Weight0.8 kg
Dimensions50 × 50 × 7 cm

Exige, Exige S V6 3.5 2GR [12-Now]