SSC Lotus Exige V6 2GR Oil Catch Can Kit

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Simply Sports Cars designed open style Exige V6 catch can kit for reliable and consistent engine performance on track.

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This is another product designed by the Simply Sports Cars engineering team using the knowledge and experience we have gained from competing in local motorsport events like the Bathurst 12 Hour, Targa Australia Championship and the Australian GT Series. During sustained full throttle driving on track, blowby gasses and crankcase pressure are at a maximum and oil vapour can be ingested through the engine. This effectively lowers the octane rating of the air/fuel mixture and can cause detonation and subsequent engine damage or failure. The Simply Sports Cars oil catch can kit collects all the oil and drains it back to the sump, all blowby gasses are vented to the atmosphere and crankcase pressure is kept low.


Once installed, the engine will only ever ingest clean, fresh air and fuel with no contaminants, giving consistent, reliable performance.


Our kit includes;

  • Simply Sports Cars designed catch can. Extruded tube body with spun end caps. TIG welded 6061 aluminium construction with a crackle black powder coat for discreet engine bay aesthetics and part longevity. Internally baffled to promote separation of oil mist from crankcase blowby gasses.
  • Simply Sports Cars custom catch can mounting bracket.
  • Aeroflow black braided teflon drain hose with all required fittings. Note: this drain line is designed to work with Simply Sports Cars 2GR V6 baffled alloy sump, and may not be suitable for use with other aftermarket 2GR sumps.
  • All required hoses and clamps are included.


Lee explains the benefits of oil management in the video below

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Exige, Exige S V6 3.5 2GR [12-Now], Exige S V6 3.5 2GR Auto [12-Now]