SSC Lotus Exige V6 2GR Baffled Sump

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A high capacity, baffled sump for a 2GR engine that can help to reduce the risk of oil surge, especially for high performance driving applications.

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During hard track driving there can be prolonged periods of high lateral accelerations (long corners) and that can push the oil in the sump away from the suction point of the oil pump. This means partially reduced oil pressure at best or total oil starvation (with cylinder walls and crank, conrod and cam bearings running completely dry) at worst. It’s those split seconds that can add up over time.



The worst situation for this to occur is on the race track, even for casual track days, where the engine is under the most stress. It can increase the chances of engine component damage and the severity is typically related to how much force is going through the vehicle from a combination of aggressive driving, high grip tyres, firmer than standard suspension & even the type of track layout all contributing.


Using our experience from our motorsport achievements at the Bathurst 12 Hour endurance events & Targa Australia championship, we developed this Moroso anti-surge baffled sump that is constructed of thick aircraft grade aluminium with internal baffles and ‘trapdoors’. It will ensure that the oil pickup has a constant supply of oil, effectively eliminating the chances of any surge occurring.


The sump also features auxiliary ports to allow the future fitting of our Oil Catch Can Kit or turbo drain lines.


Lee explains the benefits of oil management in the video below

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