Lotus Emira indoor car cover

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Protect your Lotus Emira with a custom-made indoor car cover that you can place over your sports car like a glove. It is the perfect type of car cover for keeping the dust away or attempting to hide it from your partner. Perfectly suitable to be used as a car cover when your car is stored in a garage, storage facility or even under a car port.

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  • 100% custom fit car cover for the Lotus Emira sports car
  • Very durable Spandex material that is UV protected
  • It is an easy car cover put on and take off
  • Draw string bag is included with this car cover
  • Fits over every contour including the mirrors
  • You can put it in the washing machine to be cleaned
  • Soft velvet-like underside to protect the paint
  • Fitted elastic edges to keep the cover on nicely
  • 12 month warranty


If you want to make sure your Lotus Emira remains dust free when you store it under cover then our custom fit Emira car cover is a perfect choice. A custom fit indoor car cover for a Lotus Emira sports car provides a premium solution for protecting your vehicle from a range of environmental factors. The cover is designed to fit the precise contours of the Emira from the wheels, headlights, rear lights & even special pockets for the mirrors. Our Emira car cover will ensure maximum protective coverage to keep the paint surface of your sports car safe from dust, dirt, fingers and debris.


The car cover is made from high-quality material that provides excellent durability and longevity. The breathable fabric helps prevent condensation from forming on the surface of the vehicle, thus reducing the risk of rust and corrosion.


In addition to protecting the exterior of the car, the custom fit car cover also provides essential protection for the interior. It shields the dashboard and seats from the sun’s harmful rays if you have a window in your garage or if park your Emira in an outdoor carport. This can help prevent long term fading and cracking while it also keeps the interior cooler, making it more comfortable when you use your vehicle on a hot day or if you need to try and hide from your partner for not doing the house chores.


The custom fit car cover for a Lotus Emira is designed to be easy to put on and remove and, when not in use, a storage bag is included. A custom fit car cover is an excellent investment for any Lotus Emira owner who wants to protect their vehicle and keep it looking pristine for years to come.


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Dimensions43 × 31 × 25 cm

Emira, Emira I4, Emira V6