Evora GT430 front splitter

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Lotus Evora GT430 front splitter for a great look and additional front aero performance. Contact us about delivery costs for this item.

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You can add a front splitter to your Evora GT430 to give it some additional aero but more importantly a more aggressive look. Available in black and made out of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) it can be fitted fairly easily, is tough, durable and will look great on the road or track. A front splitter, also known as a front lip, for an Evora is a flat or angled aerodynamic device that is installed on the underside of the front bumper area. The primary purpose of a front splitter is to improve the car’s aerodynamics and handling by reducing lift and improving downforce.

  1. Improved Handling: By creating downforce, a front splitter may improve the grip of the front tires, which may lead to better cornering and more stable handling.
  2. Increased Stability: When driving at high speeds, a front splitter may reduce lift and increase stability, may make the car more predictable and easier to control.
  3. Enhanced Appearance: In addition to the functional benefits, a front splitter will simply enhance the appearance of an Evora, giving it a more aggressive and sporty look.



  • Contact us directly to get a quotation to have this item delivered as it needs to be wrapped & packaged to ensure it doesn’t get damaged.


  • We can provide installation, just speak to us about getting a quotation.


  • The standard colour is a carbon-look black, custom colours can be arranged with painting an additional charge for the time & labour involved.


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