Elise S3 Cup Style Side Skirts

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Add side skirts to your Lotus Elise for some added ground effects, and added street appeal.

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FORM: Give your Elise S3 more of a race car look with these Cup 220-style fibreglass side skirts.

FUNCTION: Especially if a front splitter is used, air under the car is at a decreased pressure, thereby introducing downforce, however the low pressure under the car at high speed causes the higher-pressure air on the outside and on the sides of the car to come rushing in, potentially diminishing ground effect and downforce. Side skirts are used to reduce the amount of high pressure area on the side of the car to go under the car from the sides.


When combining the front splitter, rear wing, side skirts and rear diffuser a standard Elise S3 (up to MY2018) can have the visual appeal of the Cup 220 version. Designed to be installed to look like a factory fitted item. They are tough, durable and will look great on the road or track.


  • Contact us directly to get a quotation to have this item delivered as it needs to be wrapped & packaged to ensure it doesn’t get damaged.


  • We can provide installation, just speak to us about getting a quotation.


  • The standard colour is a black, custom colours can be arranged with painting an additional charge for the time & labour involved.


Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 cm

Elise, Elise 111R S2 Toyota 2ZZ [04-06], Elise 111S S2 VVC 1.8Rvr [02-04], Elise R S2 Toyota 2ZZ [07-10], Elise S S2 Toyota 1ZZ [07-10], Elise S3 1.6 Toyota 1ZR [11-Now], Elise S3 1.8 Toyota 2ZR [12-Now], Elise SC S2 Toyota 2ZZ [08-10]