The X-BOW GT-XR is the closest thing you can buy to a purebred race car in Australia. A combination of high performance, radical design and untamed dynamics, it forms the basis of the X-BOW GT2 race car.

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"...There's next to no slack in the suspension so turn in is immediate and agility astonishing, while mechanical grip is astoundingly good in the dry..."

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Pure bred track car

Ready for any circuit

The KTM X-BOW GT-XR is the closest you can get to a purebred race car. This is a super sports car that is lightweight and packed with the ultimate performance traits. It is only for those who want untamed dynamics, radical design and pure driving performance. 

Outstanding performance is combined with engineering mastery so that every fibre, every component, every detail of this super sports car is “READY TO RACE”.

KTM GT-XR philosophy
The X-BOW design concept is focused on only including elements that directly add to the performance and function. KTM has trimmed away or left everything else off.

Using only the best suppliers of the necessary components for the strongest, lightest and most advanced materials available. No other car epitomises the term “super sports car” as thoroughly and uncompromisingly as the KTM GT-XR.

KTM KISKA design principles
This variation designed with the help of KISKA is a no compromise sports car with GT2 design details dripping from every edge, curve, nut and bolt. 

It delivers a pure driving experience of an X-BOW, looks incredible & will blow away most track day rivals. The unmistakable design language has clear lines, sharp edges & smooth surfaces wrapped in a silky carbon outer skin with a jet fighter style canopy.


X-BOW GT-XR is full of cutting edge racing tech.


KTM X BOW GT XR cockpit open

Raw performance

Let’s not mince words here. The GT-XR is about pure, raw, performance & nothing else.

368 kW of power
581 NM of torque
dry weight just 1,130 kgs

X Bow GT XR side profile

A race car like interior

Make no mistake, the X-BOW GT-XR has been designed for a single purpose. in mind – driving.

This is the only track car that will make you feel like a racing driver every single time you sit behind the wheel.

The cockpit is focussed with an adjustable pedal box, quick shift gear leaver and digital display.

X Bow GT XR passenger seat interior view

Composite carbon fibre monoque

The X-BOW is the world’s first production vehicle to have a monocoque made completely from composite carbon fibre material.

Normally used in formula racing vehicles it is now available in a sports car in Australia.

The carbon aluminium sandwich construction of the front crashbox structure even complies with FIA GT and Formula 3 safety regulations.

KTM X BOW carbon fibre chassis

Razor sharp handling

You get nothing but razor sharp handling with an X-BOW GT-XR. The high performance Sachs suspension can be adjusted for ride height both front and rear.

Combined with the aerodynamics, engine performance & stopping power any corner will quickly be dispensed with.

KTM X BOW GT XR handling

Fast DSG transmission

The electronically controlled seven-speed direct-shift gearbox will give you ultra-rapid shifting without dropping torque.

The transmission makes sure that the engine is always deploying its maximum power with the mechanical motorsport differential making sure it is transferred to each wheel as needed.

X Bow GT XR interior

Invisible aerodynamics

While other sports cars have wings, ducts and other elements to create downforce, the X-BOW keeps things simple.

Using formula racing vehicle  expertise the designers payed close attention to optimal aerodynamic efficiency. From the shape of the body, optimised suspension and ground effect bodywork the ‘AirCurtain’ system helps you ‘stick’ to the track.

X Bow GT XR rear quarter view

Performance brakes

The GT-XR has a race derived lightweight monoblock fixed calliper braking system made from aluminium which includes eight callipers per pistion on the rear axle.

Perfectly matched to the track tuned suspension the GT-XR will stop just as quickly as it accelerates.

X Bow GT XR braking system

Tough drivetrain and transmission

The 7 speed dual clutch transmission is perfectly matched to the five-cylinder, turbo charged engine from Audi.

Together with a limited slip differential and a dry weight of just 1,130kgs you get incredible performance to match the handling precision.

Servicing, maintenance and upgrades are also relatively easy to perform.

X Bow GT XR engine bay & storage


This not only applies to KTM motorcycles, but also to the X-BOW range of sports cars. When developing the GT-XR the focus was on improving every element of previous models. Even more extreme, even faster and even more impressive than anything created previously. The result is quite outstanding.

Form follows function. The KTM X-BOW GT-XR has been designed down to the very last detail as an uncompromising driving machine. Many of the conventional elements aimed purely at comfort have been omitted. This is essentially as close to a full blown GT2 racing car as you can get, but accessible to anyone.


The KTM X-BOW is the world’s first production vehicle to boast a monocoque made completely from composite carbon fibre material – a trailblazing and pioneering technology, previously reserved exclusively for racing vehicles. Together with Dallara, the specialists at KTM Technologies succeeded in adapting this technology for application in series production.
KTM X BOW crashbox structure

Crash box structure

The crash box at the nose of the vehicle provides for additional safety. Thanks to its carbon-aluminium sandwich construction, it even complies with the strict safety regulations of the FIA-GT and Formula 3.

Add things like safety harnesses for passenger and driver combined with roll bars that can withstand 2.5 times the weight of the vehicle and you have a very safe vehicle.

KTM X BOW monocoque


Four layers of carbon fibre, epoxy resin, elaborate handiwork, autoclave technology: All come together to produce the twin-wall, two-part, extremely lightweight carbon monocoque, which is manufactured by composite-fibre specialists in Germany.

The result is a carbonfibre construction that provides highest levels of safety, but only weighs 80 kilogrammes – with an unbelievably high torsional stiffness of 35.000 Nm/rad.



The KTM X-BOW GT-XR is powered by a 493 hp, 2.4-litre turbo charged engine from leading global manufacturer Audi.

The state-of-the-art power unit works with gasoline direct injection and combines the dynamics of turbocharging with highly effective charge air cooling.

Alongside outstanding power and torque characteristics, the four cylinder engine surprises with its minimal fuel consumption: only 9.1 litres per 100 km.

The KTM X-BOW GT-XR is manufactured in a special-purpose plant that is one of the world’s most modern limited-production vehicle facilities.

Every X-BOW is built by hand. The factory is certified according to ISO standards. Each operation is recorded and logged electronically – even the torque values of every single tightened bolt are automatically archived. 



Simply Sports Cars gives every X-BOW owner access to a choice of vehicle management options. This includes;

  • Storage and maintenance.
  • Event or track day transport.
  • Driver training.
  • Vehicle upgrades & modifications.
  • Track set up assistance.


Sure, there are lots of cars you can take to a track day. Although why compromise when you can have a purpose built machine that is focussed on delivering speed, just like a race car, but can be driven home again.


Use your X-BOW sports car every week of the year

The biggest problem we know that faces many sports car owners is where or how can they use it and explore its full potential. Modern sports cars have so much performance that normal road driving isn’t really enough.

When you buy a KTM X-BOW  from Simply Sports Cars you get access to an annual event calendar of driving events. You can choose to do track days, targa tarmac rally events, driving training and even casual motorsport, our dealership makes it possible.

Frequently asked questions about the KTM GT-XR

No, the KTM GT-XR cannot be registered in Australia. It can be used on racing circuits or other driving events that do not require a road registered vehicle.

Yes the X-BOW GT-XR can be used on race tracks in Australia. Australian owners of X-BOW sports cars regularly take their cars to Sydney Motorsport Park, Wakefield Raceway and other circuits.