NEWS: What is owning a Lotus sports car in Australia like?

When you buy a Lotus in Australia you are not just buying a vehicle, you get access to an exclusive lifestyle of driving.

Owning a Lotus in Australia

A group of Lotus sports car drivers doing Targa High Country at Mount Buller
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When you buy a Lotus Elise, Exige or Evora sports car you aren’t just driving home with a vehicle, you have bought into a lifestyle. You join a like minded community of car enthusiasts who love driving whether that be casually or competitively. We host or participate in a number of events during the year that suit first timers or seasoned drivers alike with onsite event support in many cases.

Lotus forum in Australia

Lotus Only Track Day at Mount Panorama Bathurst Februar

There is an Australian Forum for Lotus Owners. Aussie Elises has been running for many years, is inclusive, welcoming and a great community.

Lotus clubs in Australia

Club Lotus Australia Logo
Lotus Club in Australia doing track days like CSCA at Wakefield and Eastern Creek racing circuit exige coupe sports cars on track

There are very active Lotus clubs in each state of Australia

Club Lotus Australia

Lotus Club Victoria

Lotus Club Western Australia

Lotus Club Queensland

Lotus driving experiences

What is the best car for a Targa Rally in Australia with husband and wife using a Lotus sports car of
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You can drive your Lotus every day in Australia. There is no shortage of options like track days, tarmac rally events, driver coaching, social drives, club days and more.

Lotus owner reviews

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“The June Burrows day was my first experience in the SSC garage and I have to highly commend all the staff at SSC in their efforts to make an ordinary Burrows day into an extraordinary day to remember. The guys took care of the car from the moment I arrived in the garage right through to the end of the day when Bart (Lotus Driving instructor) jumped in the car beside me and who provided really first class coaching with very clear tips and techniques which left me at the end of the day inspired knowing that my driving had improved with consistency and better lines.

To anyone thinking of investing in a sports car for Burrows days go for a walk down the pit garages and see how much support other automotive brands offer their customers. 
SSC you have the right formula in customer service!”


“…Wanted to thank you and the SSC team for the way you go about supporting the Lotus drivers / fans, particularly during an unprecedented year. You really have an amazing team and brand you have / are creating… As you know I am only two years into my journey with Lotus, my Lotus Elise S and track days in general. You and the team have been their all they way and provided advice that has been spot on…. I have seen my times around Sydney Motorsport drop from well over 2 minutes to last nights track event laps in the 1:47’s …  this blows my mind!  But its not all about the lap times and I just love a weekend drive with my sons and the broader experience you and the team create at events, the camaraderie of the lotus community and the mutual passion we all share. Last night on the whole I thought was a great success with the nice and unexpected touch of a drink at the end…”


“It was a great day, for me it was a dream come true. Can’t wait till my next day in August.”


“SSC put on their usual display of professionalism and enthusiasm for all things Motorsport. There surely is no easier or more affordable way to enjoy your car on a racetrack than to attend their fully supported track events.” 


“To the SSC Team, thank you. 

Thank you for being there when I turned up early in the morning and racing to make sure the car was prepped for it’s first session. 

Thank you for being there each and every time when I came in at the end of the session to tell me I hadn’t put enough heat through the tires and should/could push harder (I need to work on that!)

Thank you jumping in when I brought the car in mid-session with a warning light and fixing it on the spot and lastly thank you for all the laughter, banter, general awesomeness and fun that you helped to provide. 

Burrows days are without a doubt the best track days I have been to. The great people, the awesome cars and the fantastic SSC Team all combine to make them incredible. 

During the day there were discussions about if money was no object what car we would turn up in. The answer for me was simple. It would be no different – the Little Blue Lotus That Could is my dream track car and will be until I get enough skills to be able to extract the full performance out of it, and maybe heat those tires up! I have no doubt that with the SSC garage behind me, and more Burrows days under my belt i’ll get closer to that – and can’t wait for the next one! GREAT STUFF AND BRING ON THE NEXT ONE! “


“I thought it was fantastic that even though I bought a used Lotus from SSC I was still treated the same as all the other Lotus owners. Being as busy as I was on the phone all day, not being able to leave work behind completely, it was a huge help to have the SSC team telling me to get out on track because my session was about to start! The driving tips, the mechanical tips (keep your fuel tank topped up for turn 1!) amongst other things all add up to a first class track experience. Cant wait for the next one.”

“I have been looking for a driver’s car and basically reviewed the usual suspects. As luck would have it, SSC had a MY12 Lotus Elise S that was just traded. I was very excited and contacted SSC for a test drive during lunch. Michael took me for a test drive, answered all my questions and was never pushy for the deal. He worked hard to get me the right trade in price and made me a great deal. I can see his dedication to make sure that the car was right for me, not to just make a deal by selling me a car. The service I received was exceptional and I can see why people treat SSC like their family members. Great car, great experience, great deal. Nothing else detracts from a 5 star experience. Thanks Michael for making my first Lotus car happen.”


“Love it, awesome cars, great friendly and knowledgeable staff.”


“Simply the best! 
– Garage/workshop in Sydney. 
Lee, Richard, Stuart and PJ are best of what enthusiastic motoring customers can ever dream of…
Absolute Pleasure to purchase (another one;) and service my Lotuses there…”



“The whole experience at Simply Sports Cars was excellent. Richard always took the time to talk me through each step of the way and always followed up to ensure I understood everything. They went above and beyond what they needed to do and put a lot of trust in me. I have never dealt with a dealership that is so understanding and it felt like I was purchasing the car from friends rather than a dealership. SSC is truly the only place to go to get your Lotus (in Sydney). Thanks again to the whole team @ssc.”


“After sales service as good as pre sales. 
Michael and Lee were all class.
Will come back in a few years for the 410.



“amazing staff and very helpful definitely recommended”


“The service by the SSC Lotus guys is second
to none! Thanks for always looking after me fellas!” 

Jade Green


“Everyone at SSC are passionate and friendly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”


“Great team of enthusiastic professionals
that have created a real sense of community around the brand.” 

Josh Ponton


“Hi Richard et. al.,
Let me begin by thanking you and everyone at Simply Sports Cars (SSC) for the professional and courteous manner that was afforded me during the purchase and eventual pick up of my Starlight Black 2014 Exige S. In the face of what was complete shambles by the finance companies as well as my finance broker, it was refreshing to deal with people who understood my situation and my Lotus obsession. 

This latest experience has just further cemented my complete satisfaction as a SSC customer and explains why I have constantly returned for all my Lotus parts and upgrades in the last three years. SSC was the only choice for my latest Lotus acquisition.

It is my sincerest wish that SSC/Lotus Australia is represented appropriately in W.A. in the near future as the constantly increasing number of Lotus Group W.A. members indicates a strong, avid and ever-increasing Lotus enthusiast base over here.

To this end, if there is anything I can do to help in the future especially to tap into the existing W.A. Lotus enthusiast base, please do not hesitate to ask. 

Simply Sports Cars – simply the best!” 


“A great team of people who do an even
greater job on any of your Lotus needs.
Highly recommend!” 

Daniel D’Addario


“Always fantastic service form the boys on and off the track.”


“Best in the business………………………….” 
Craig Underwood


“A first class team, highly professional and customer service focused.”

“Hi all. Just wanted to say what an awesome time I had over the weekend. Great to meet so many nice people and hear all your stories. The SSC team were simply amazing and made the whole experience even better knowing they are there to help with everything. The dinners and accommodation were perfect. And lastly to Justin. Mate I had a ball. Not once was I worried about your driving or speed and you did a amazing job. I have caught the bug and will be back whenever you want me. As I said, it is the most fun you can have with your pants on.” 


“What can I say that hasn’t already been said …. thanks to Richard, Lee and all the guys from SSC for the hard work.  The catching up with old friends and meeting new ones, awesome roads in great cars. A special shoutout to the flat mates in K2-05 and lastly to Graham and Margarita for their company and generosity in sharing the car with me. To living the Lotus Lifestyle.”


“Bit disappointed to find my windscreen still covered in (cheap) champagne this morning. For that reason I can only give the SSC team 11 out of 10 for the weekend. Brilliant, brilliant holiday. Thanks everyone for being part of it. See you next year!”


“And do you know Lee and the boys also fix spectacles as well as Lotus’ ?  Mine broke on the Jamieson stage, we pull into the SSC van beside the road in a panic and within 30 secs they have my specs fixed and we are back in the rally !!”


“i would love to thank everyone for their ongoing appreciatiation and smiles. Its my first targa since first listening to my old man rave about it all in a bmw team, then watching several crews go out without me since working for ssc. But ive had an absolute blast watching everyone come in to my stations with massive smiles and minimal problems. Its almost a holiday for me so thank you to everyone for being the people and the community you are that makes weeks likes this beyond imagination for the lil mechanic apprentices like myself. I dont have enough appreciation cookies to go round but thank you and congradulations to the lotus family. This community is truely a dream come true and we’re gonna all keep going till we’re at the top.”


“…thanks a million again for such an awesome weekend. Giles (Dad) sends his best from the drivers seat!!”


“Many thanks to the SSC team for another incredible TH event. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful company, we look forward to doing it all again next year.”
Mel & Gino


“Thanks all, especially my mate and driving instructor, Honkie. Margarita and I had a great time with great people”


“Great few days. Great company. Great support. Your more than welcome back Lucas. And as a driver I can’t put it too lightly how much we rely on the Nav. Awesome job from my Nav, Scott. Hats off to the Navs.”


“I think I will sleep well tonight after such a top weekend.”


“It’s been a great weekend. Look forward to next time.”


“I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun, every one was awesome!” 


“Vicky and i thoroughly enjoyed the Tour but even more, everyone’s friendship and company.  Looking forward to next year.” 


“Thank you SSC crew, fantastic experience with amazing people!” 
Chris and Sonia


“Thanks to all in the Lotus family. It’s not just the driving, although that was fantastic . The boys at SSC are a class act. Cheerfulness and professionalism never flag. We are lucky to have such a solid support team.”


“From Maria and I, Overwhelmed at how awesome the Lotus community is. Massive thanks to our friends at SSC, will miss you all until next time, be safe.”
Carl & Maria


“…just a quick note to say it was such a pleasure to drive with so many spirited Lotus owners. A real privilege to be amongst you all, very pleased we have returned with straight cars and some extra ballast.”


Congrats to the Lotus Cars team. This is the sort of activation and involvement from which much larger brands could and should take inspiration. Fantastic opportunity for owners to enjoy their cars and use them as they are meant to be…