NEWS: What is different on an Elise Sport 220

The Lotus Elise Sport 220 is a 2017 / 2018 refresh of the iconic sports car that is available for sale in Australia

Elise Sport and Sprint models

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Lotus refreshed the Elise in 2017 and it was called the  MY17.5 range which is on sale in Australia. There was a lot of small revisions made to give the model a refresh & general update which included revised front and rear bodywork panels, refreshed interior together with new Sprint models added to the range with a dry weight under 800kgs.


What is different on the Sport 220 versus previous models?

  • NEW front and rear shaped bodywork
  • NEW tuned exhaust note
  • NEW beautifully detailed, open-gate manual gearbox also providing a much more positive and direct operation with more precise and quicker shifting that has been optimised for the Elise
  • IMPROVED balancing of aerodynamic downforce across the whole car. 
  • NEW aero elements with an additional diffuser vane at the rear help modify airflow under the car reducing drag and increasing stability.
  • NEW cabin centre console as seen on the Exige
  • NEW optional carbon sill covers which reduce weight by 0.8 kg and increase the door aperture by up to 10 mm, aiding ingress and egress.
  • NEW instrumentation graphics making it easier to read key information
  • NEW in-car entertainment system, including iPod® connectivity and Bluetooth® functionality can also be selected when ordering.
  • NEW ‘Electric Light Blue’ colour option as well as Alcantara or Carbon interior packs


The Sprint models take things a step further with the lowest possible Dry Weight of just 798kgs & they both include weight saving items as standard such as;

  • Lightweight lithion ion battery
  • Lightweight black diamond cut forged wheels
  • Carbon fibre access panel
  • Carbon fibre engine cover
  • Carbon fibre roll hoop cover
  • Carbon fibre bucket seats
  • Interior colour pack

Listen to the newly tuned sports exhaust fitted as standard equipment.

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New instrument cluster with improved font sizing on the dials making them easier to read.

Revised steering wheel with thicker, more solid feel.

Beautifully detailed, open-gate manual gearbox providing a much more positive and direct operation with more precise and quicker shifting. Optimised for the Elise & similar to the one used in the Exige.

Revised front body panels with new air intake.

Revised rear body panels with single rear tail lights.

New aero elements with an additional diffuser vane at the rear help modify airflow under the car reducing drag and increasing stability.

Carbon fibre seat options now available in the Elise

Revised and improved side sill covers with optional carbon fibre.

Lotus Elise Sport 220 reviews

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