NEWS: Video – Lotus Emira V6 on board Hethel test track

Gavan Kershaw takes the Emira V6 around Hethel's test track while he explains how handling has been on the top of the priority list

Lotus Emira V6 manual raw sounds on track

Lotus Emira V6 on Hethel test track
Play Video about Lotus Emira V6 on Hethel test track
Gavan Kershaw video driving Lotus Emira on the test track at Hethel

“With the 3.5-litre V6 configuration and the supercharger, you start an acceleration from as low as 1,500rpm and the car just pulls and pulls and pulls, getting stronger and stronger as the revs increase. This is what a real sports car feels like.”

Gavan Kershaw - Director, Attributes & Product Integrity, Lotus Cars

Will a Emira V6 handle like a true Lotus?

Since the Lotus Emira was announced one of the most common questions we have been asked is whether it will handle and ‘feel’ like a Lotus sports car should. Unlike other manufacturers who have released new vehicles that have had different driving characteristics the design team working on Emira had handling, precision & that ‘precise feeling’ top of mind during development.


Gavan, Director, Attributes & Product Integrity, Lotus Cars, leads the dynamic development of every Lotus and is part of the highly experienced team that has spend countless hours making sure that you get that pure  thrill of driving every time you get behind the wheel of an Emira. To prove that point, Gavin took a Emira V6 First Edition with manual transmission onto the iconic Hethel test track to talk about the attributes they developed into the chassis dynamics.


As you will see in the video, he enjoys some drifting as the 3.5-litre V6 with screaming supercharger accelerates smoothly from as low as 1,500rpm and just pulls and pulls and pulls, getting stronger and stronger as the revs increase.


The car has two defined chassis and suspension settings. Tour is tuned for everyday road use, delivering the optimum blend of Lotus dynamic performance and handling with a more comfortable ride. Sports is available with the optional Lotus Drivers Pack and provides a slightly stiffer suspension set-up for enhanced dynamic capability and feel. Hydraulic steering provides excellent feedback for the driver.


Gavan Kershaw, Director of Vehicle Attributes, Lotus, commented: “It’s high-performance, hugely efficient thanks to cutting-edge technology, and delivers low emissions and linear performance. On top of all that, it’s been tuned in-house by the hugely experienced Hethel engineers to deliver that distinctive Lotus experience.”


“The Emira has a wider track than any recent Lotus road car, enhancing stability, delivering exceptional road-holding and the sensation of a very low centre of gravity. It is a true Lotus sports car that builds on the legacy of the Elise, Exige and Evora.”

Will the Emira V6 have different driving modes?

The Emira hasn’t been designed to be a comfortable, softly sprung touring car, it is designed for performance. This will be a sports car released in 2022 that will be on the ‘Top 10’ drivers cars shopping lists. We have already experienced potential buyers comparing it to a BMW M2/M3, Jaguar F Type, Toyota Supra, Porsche Cayman as well as second hand McLarens, Ferrari’s or Honda NSX sports cars which all sit in that $100,000 to $200,000 price bracket. 


The Emira will suit someone that wants something that wants to buy a sports car that hasn’t been seen before and is unique. Most of the other models available have been on the market for a few years so their shapes are fairly common whereas the Emira breaks new ground in the segment.


The real driving force behind people choosing an Emira is the well known handling attributes that Lotus are known for. Precise, feel everything in your fingertips driving, that the brand is famous for. In the video Gavan expands on the car’s intuitive driving performance, plus the four different driving modes;


  1. Tour – for maximum stability and control.

  2. Sport – for increased body slip and throttle response.

  3. Race – with even greater motorsport-derived dynamics and a revised instrument cluster.

  4. Fully Off – where the stability control is completely disengaged.

Quite fitting, he concludes by saying “The whole package is tuned to give you maximum reward and confidence. It’s ‘For The Drivers’.”

Can you take an Emira to a racing circuit?

We already have a large proportion of deposit holders for the new Emira who are planning on using it on a racing circuit. Not to go racing of course, but to enjoy the cars performance and its limits in a safe environment. Simply Sports Cars will actively support owners who want to use their Emira for that type of activity.



There is another option available for those who want to take things further. We can custom order a custom built Emira GT4 race car that can be used exclusively on track with a full fit out using motorsport derived components. This could be a dedicated track day car or even used for local motorsport.


Either way, it re-enforces Lotus’ direction and decisions around making sure the Emira is a vehicle that will feel and handle like it should.