NEWS: Used Lotus Exige sports car review

With the Lotus Exige ceasing production in 2021 we are getting a lot of questions about used Exige sports cars, here is an in depth look from RE DRIVEN

Buy a used Lotus Exige in Australia

Used Lotus Exige sports car red convertible for sale in Australia
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Interested in a used Exige V6?

Adam from REDRIVEN spent a day with one of our used Exige V6 sports cars that we have for sale to create a detailed overview and a great cheat sheet covering what to consider before buying this type of sports car in Australia.

2021 is the final year of production for the Lotus Exige and we are already fielding a number of enquiries about what are used values or what stock is available to buy in Australia.

How practical is using an Exige in Australia?

One of the things that many used sports car buyers don’t think about is where or how they will use their vehicle after they buy it. Sure, you can imagine going for a weekend drive but what else can you really do to enjoy its performance?

This should be one of the considerations for buying a sports car in Australia if you want to maximise your enjoyment and return on investment.

That is why buying a used sports car from Simply Sports Cars is unique – once you become a customer you get access to year round driving experiences including track days, driver training and more.

Common questions about a used Exige V6

A used Exige V6 from 2012-2016 have been sold for between $80,000 and $130,000 depending on the kms, specifications and upgrades.

Newer model Exige V6’s are from around $110,000 to $140,000

Due to their rarity in Australia they tend to hold their values quite well & owners tend to keep them for long periods of time.

The older 4 Cylinder Lotus Exige variants can be bought from between $40,000 and $60,000 depending on age, specification & modifications.


A Exige V6 has a slightly larger footprint due to the different wheelbase compared to an Elise. So the vehicle is slightly larger externally but the interior has the same available space.

The Exige V6 is slightly heavier than an Elise but makes up for it with 300hp+ vs 200hp+ for an Elise depending on the exact engine spec.

The older Exige 4 cylinder model variants share the same dimensions as the Elise and the main differentiator especially for early models is the supercharged engine.

The Lotus Exige may be classified as a mini-supercar with its incredible performance rivalling many more expensive sports cars. If you are buying a sports car for raw performance then an Exige should be on your consideration list with a weight of around 1,000kg and up to 410 horsepower in standard configuration.

The Exige’s power to weight ratio rivals many supercars but is much less costly to purchase.

The Elise is typically the cheapest used sports car you can buy in the Lotus range. There is some overlap in pricing between Elise and Exige depending on the year model, specification and engine.

The Exige V6 uses a Toyota based drivetrain and engine which is extremely reliable. Many owners of Lotus Exige V6’s in Australia are regularly using their car for track days or targa tarmac rally events then driving them home again.

Lotus Exige has won the gruelling Targa Australia Championship including class wins many times.

Lotus Exige has also won the Australian Production Car Championship in 2018 – proving its speed and reliability.

Yes in Australia Lotus sports cars hold their value due to the limited numbers available. A new Lotus Exige can be bought for around $150,000 and used 2012 models are worth around $100,000 today.

No, Lotus is not owned by Toyota but does use engines and drivetrains sourced from them.

No, Lotus Exige does not have power steering. The vehicle is light enough to not require it and the lack of power steering provides incredible feedback to the driver which is unlike any other sports car for sale.

A Lotus Exige is one of the fastest sports cars you can buy in Australia. 

It has over 350 horsepower and weighs around 1,100 kgs – this compares to other sports cars that are 200kg+ heavier with similar or less power.

An Exige can reach speeds over 250km/h and accelerate from 0-100 in less than 4 seconds.

What used cars do we have for sale?

At our dealerships in Sydney and Melbourne we are regularly receiving used Exige vehicles for sale, although in many instances they don’t get listed on Carsales or even our website. 

Anthony, Derrick, Mark and Richard have a list of potential buyers that is constantly given private updates as vehicles are available. You can register your interest via our Car Sales page