PRODUCT: The top 5 upgrades for a Lotus Elise sports car

The Lotus Elise is one of the most popular sports cars of all time & these are the top five things to upgrade for road or track

Upgrades for a Lotus Elise sports car

Lotus Elise sports car on a race circuit in Australia doing a track day at Mount Panorama

Owners of Lotus Elise sports cars can upgrade their vehicle with lots of different products. Over the years the Simply Sports Cars engineering team has developed a range of upgrades, modifications and performance enhancements for the Lotus Elise using our experience from racing at the track or targa. We are also able to source some of the best items from different brands around the world & help you get them fitted to your vehicle at our workshop in Sydney or Melbourne.


Here is our guide to the top five upgrades for a Lotus Elise for either daily driving or track day use.


A combination of these can then also make the Elise the ideal sports car for track days or tarmac rally events.

Daily driving Lotus Elise upgrades

  1. Multimedia stereo with Bluetooth handsfree phone calling, GPS & reversing camera.


  2. Cruise control can be an aftermarket fitment, installed on your existing indicator stalks.


  3. A hard top can be purchased for those that didn’t specify one with their vehicle. Great for winter & to improve safety at track days vs using the standard cloth roof. There are choices for factory or aftermarket options.


  4. Upgraded exhaust or air induction kits can help the Elise’s engine breath better with options for both naturally aspirated and supercharged engines


  5. Nitron Fast Road Suspension Kit can take your Elise’s handling up a notch with options that include adjustability.

Track day upgrades for a Lotus Elise

  1. The SSC Toe Link Upgrade Kit is lighter & stronger than the factory item. It is a must have for the track, Learn more


  2. Harness Bar with driver or passenger harnesses can have you strapped in firmly with either 4 or 6 point options available. Perfect for either track or targa so that you are held in place & can concentrate on driving rather than bracing your body. Learn more


  3. Nitron Track Day Suspension Kits have options that are specific for track use with a greater range of adjustability


  4. The Fast Road Brake Kit includes larger, slotted, front brakes for better cooling & more powerful stopping power. There are a range of options available for pad or rotors depending on your application


  5. Supercharger upgrade kits include options for vehicles that have a factory supercharger or naturally aspirated models. We have different kit configurations to suit various needs & our motorsport experience means they are built to last & very reliable. Learn more

How far can we go with modifying an Elise?

Simply Sports Cars has extensive experience with track day car or race car builds in Australia. You can consult directly with our team of race engineers to build a spec that suits your applications.

Our team can also provide ongoing support with trackside assistance, driver training, suspension set up and even data analysis.

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