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SSC Induction kit


More efficient air delivery and increased throttle response


More induction noise may be a problem for some people but most people love it

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Simply Sports Cars has developed a new induction kit which ports air directly from the filter to the CNC machined Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor. Using only straight pipe work between the filter and the MAF mount promotes laminar air flow and allows the sensor to take more correct readings so that the ECU can more accurately determine the optimal air-fuel ratio. Reducing turbulance in the intake also means the intake is less restrictive which adds to increased throttle response and power.

The Kit comes complete with a CNC machined and welded mass air flow sensor mount, the necessary silicone joining pieces, clamps, light weight aluminium pipe and a HKS high performance filter.

SSC's Opinion

Too many times we have seen induction kits from other suppliers which use a pipe which is "Near Enough" the right size for the MAF sensor mount. This simply isnt true as every mm oversize increases the cross sectional area of the pipe and allows more air past the MAF sensor which in turn leans out your mixtures. SSC spent a lot of time perfecting our MAF sensor tub ID's to make sure mixtures are correct.



2015, October 14

nice little power gain.
no issues with idle etc.
after 6 months, induction noise is still addictive

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2016, January 25

Will this trigger a check engine light on completely stock ECU ?

No, it won't. Generally, with poorly designed Induction Kits, a CEL can be triggered when the ECU receives erratic Mass Air Flow sensor readings, potentially causing rich or lean mixtures. Many CAI designs incorporate a welded MAF sensor mount onto a pipe, which is 'close enough' to the right size to keep mixtures more or less correct. However our design utilises a CNC machined MAF sensor mounting tube, which enables much more accurate MAF sensor readings.

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