LCA Wakefield Track Day 2019

AUD$ 317.27 tax excl.


AUD$ 349.00
  • Sprint
  • Race
  • Drive

Saturday 13th July 2019

Shipping weight:

  • 211 & 211S
  • 340R
  • Elise 111R S2 Toyota 2ZZ [04-06]
  • Elise 111S S2 VVC 1.8Rvr [02-04]
  • Elise R S2 Toyota 2ZZ [07-10]
  • Elise S S2 Toyota 1ZZ [07-10]
  • Elise S1 [96-00]
  • Elise S2 Rover K [00-04]
  • Elise S3 1.6 Toyota 1ZR [11-Now]
  • Elise S3 1.8 Toyota 2ZR [12-Now]
  • Elise SC S2 Toyota 2ZZ [08-10]
  • Evora 400 IPS [15-Now]
  • Evora 400 Manual [15-Now]
  • Evora IPS [10-15]
  • Evora Manual [10-15]
  • Evora S IPS [10-15]
  • Evora S Manual [10-15]
  • Exige S V6 3.5 2GR Auto [12-Now]
  • Exige S V6 3.5 2GR [12-Now]
  • Exige S1 [00-02]
  • Exige S2 2010MY SC 2ZZ [10-11]
  • Exige S2 NA Toyota 2ZZ [04-06]
  • Exige S2 SC Toyota 2ZZ [06-09]

LCA Wakefield Track Day 2019
LCA Wakefield Track Day 2019
LCA Wakefield Track Day 2019
LCA Wakefield Track Day 2019
LCA Wakefield Track Day 2019
LCA Wakefield Track Day 2019

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General Information            

Simply Sports Cars technicians will be part of the LCA crew to provide their normal level of expert track support.                                

Wakefield Park Raceway in Goulburn NSW is the location of the second LCA Track Day for 2019.

This Experience Lotus event offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy your car on a race circuit close to Sydney and share the good times amongst friends. The track has a winding technical layout with tight turns, and twist backs making it a challenging yet Lotus friendly drive.

The welcome dinner with the Lotus crew is at the Astor Hotel in Goulburn on Friday evening. Come along grab fabulous pub meals and join in the track banter.

Date and Location of the Event

Date: Saturday 13th July     

Venue: Wakefield Park Raceway 

Address: 4770 Braidwood Road, Tirrannaville NSW 2580

12 km outside of Goulburn

Google Map reference

Categories, and Entry Fees

Drive Group   $349

Sprint group   $349

Race Group    $379

All entrance receives the following:

Circuit and safety briefing

Track support from LCA dealer network 

Refreshments during the day

A fabulous day of track action with the friendly Lotus community


Sprint and Drive Inclusions

6 x 15-minute sessions throughout the day. #1

#1 Subject to change based on track status/condition/circumstances out of LCA control.


Race Category

One practice session

One qualifying session

Three races, with the third race to be a handicap start



The Drive group is perfectly suited for those who are keen to explore what the car is capable of when it is no longer bound by the rules of the public road. There is no safer opportunity to do so than in our Drive group, and there will be plenty of experienced drivers on hand to provide advice on track driving to increase your confidence. You're guaranteed to go home a better driver!



The Sprint group is ideal for those with a competitive streak, keen to improve driving skills but not quite ready for the Race category. You will be able to try and lap the track just that bit quicker each time around as all participants in the Sprint group receive a timing transmitter with lap times accurately recorded.



The biggest spectacle of the LCA Track Day is without question the race group. The race participants will have one practice, one qualifying and three race sessions, the last one starting with a handicap grid to spice things up.  This category gives regular Sprinters the perfect opportunity to experience the thrill of racing for the first time.


Driving Mentor programme

Driving a Lotus is a very pure, and exhilarating experience. At our LCA Track Days, drivers get the option of having a driving mentor sit in the car for private tuition. They will get expert guidance and advice while on track to learn more about the dynamics and balance of their Lotus, correct racing lines, braking points and more.

The mentor programme is $195 for the day and includes:

Pre-start briefing

Post-session debriefings

One session with the Mentor in the car



All drivers are required to have an AASA licence. If you do not have your AASA licence, one must purchase one before the track day.

‘Race’ - Competitors must hold the AASA National Race Licence or an approved equivalent competition licence as a minimum. An application form for an AASA National Race licence can be found

Sprint’ and ‘Drive’ - Participants must hold a current driver’s licence and a current AASA Club Racing Licence or approved equivalent as a minimum.

A yearly AASA Club Race Licence can be purchased or renewed online. The AASA website:

If you have applied for a licence in the last year and have not received or have lost your card, please contact AASA on (03) 5721 7800



All vehicles will be subject to a scrutineering inspection before being allowed on the circuit. The scrutineering inspection takes place in the entrant's allocated pit garage.



Race vehicles must hold an AASA passbook or recognised equivalent and must present this to scrutineering with the vehicle. Competitors in the ‘Race’ class may apply to the organiser for an exemption.

Any vehicle competing in the ‘Race’ class must be fitted with approved rollover protection. The OEM Elise/Exige roll hoop with rear support braces are considered approved rollover protection by AASA.

It is mandatory for all Drivers competing in the ‘Race’ class to wear driving suits, gloves and footwear of an approved flame-retardant material which effectively covers the body at all times while on the race track. All suits must meet the appropriate Australian Standard or a standard as approved by AASA, from time to time.

Vehicles are not required to carry fire extinguishers although it is recommended.




All ‘Drive’, ‘Sprint’ and ‘Ride’ participants will be required to wear an approved helmet, non-flammable clothing that covers ankle to wrist, and fully enclosed shoes of leather or similar.

Vehicles are not required to carry fire extinguishers although it is recommended.

Vehicles participating in the ‘Drive’ and ‘Sprint’ groups are not required to fit blue triangles.

‘Sprint’ and ‘Drive’ session vehicles do not require rollover protection.

‘Sprint’ and ‘Drive’ session vehicles do not require a passbook.



Race’ competitors will be required to fit a Dorian Data 1 transmitter. If a race competitor does not have their own transmitter, then one will be provided on the day.

Sprint’ competitors will be provided with an AMB timing transmitter on the day which can be secured inside the car.

'Drive' group is an untimed category. 


Payment and Refund Policy

LCA Bathurst Track Day is a class two event. Full payment is required to secure a place at the event.

Cancellation Policy

Within 150 – 90 days of the event, a 50% refund of full RRP #2

Within 90 days of the event, no refund #2

#2 if the event is oversubscribed and we can find a replacement driver, LCA will refund you the full RRP minus a $100 administration fee.

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