NEWS: Motum Motion Driving Simulator

If you are looking for the ultimate simulator to improve your driving and lap times take a look at the Motum Motion Driving Simulator

Motum driving simulator

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We hosted the Motum Motion Driving Simulator team in our Melbourne Dealership to test out their new simulation rig. For those who are looking to take their sports car track day practice to the next level then Motum has the product for you. 

The Motum delivers peak and sustained G-forces to provide accurate and intuitive motion cues in a fully-immersive virtual reality environment. For the engineers it’s built on a a TIG-welded high-tensile stainless steel chassis with a customisable gold anodized space frame and fitted cutting edge components.

Motum Simulation was founded in Melbourne, Australia back in 2016 by automotive racing engineer Steve Hoinville. His goal has been to make high-fidelity motion simulation technology available for motorsport, track days, automotive and other industrial applications.

For the track day enthusiasts this level of simulation system everything to a whole new level when it comes to getting serious about your track day driving or even motorsport driving development. All common simulation and gaming platforms can be used with it (& they are also integrated into the optional MP6 motion base) where you can create a wide array of vehicles, tracks and even weather conditions to test out and improve your driving with;

– iRacing
– Assetto Corsa
– Project Cars

Race engineering, tyre and MOTEC data can be also be integrated, along with a broad range of cockpit configurations and components.

The Motum system is aimed at people that are ready to take the step up and are looking to get ‘the best of the best’ or something incredibly unique for the gaming room.

The Motum systems provide highly engineered static simulators that are ideal for those that are super serious about their motorsport or are track day enthusiasts that want some extra practice time or doing some sim racing. It is a step up from other basic simulator frames you can buy like the Hyperdrive 100RS which is available for just $369 or even the models in the Pagnian Range that go to around $1,000 (another award winning Australian owned and operated brand focussed on simulators) although the level of engineering, expertise and build quality is light years apart.

What Motum have effectively done is produce a ground-breaking, high-fidelity motion simulation technology that is suitable for motorsport, automotive, defence, aerospace and industrial applications that can be accessed by the general public as well.

The Motum Chassis starts at $12,999 inc gst and includes their trademark gold anodized space frame, TIG-welded, high-tensile Stainless Steel chassis, Motum seat with adjustable pedal and steering tray that can be customised with a range of high-end components of your choice including 49″ Samsung curbed QLED displayPIMAX VR headset or Simucube2 Sport steering base.

They have delivered simulation solutions across Australia, UK, US, New Zealand, and the Middle East and work with leading brands such as Red Bull and Mobil1 as well as leading drivers with support from the Australian Federal Government’s Commercialisation Australia Grant program.



Daniel Ricciardo on the Motum driving simulator