NEWS: Motorsport Australia App for Track Days

When you buy a Lotus in Australia you are not just buying a vehicle, you get access to an exclusive lifestyle of driving.

Licence on your phone for track days

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For those of you who are doing track days you can now have your Motorsport Australia licence on your mobile phone or tablet. All Motorsport Australia members can now access their licence on a mobile device and the app will replace existing licence cards to provide competitors and officials with an up-to-date licence which can be viewed on any device, any time. This is a perfect solution for people who are prone to forgetting their license at home, losing it or not wanting to carry their wallet around at the race track.


Motorsport Australia has a number of planed upgrades to their technology platforms to make live a bit easier for those taking part in track days or other motorsport events across Australia. They will be rolling out updates via the App as they are developed and released.


The app can be found on Apple’s App Store or Google Play by searching ‘Motorsport Australia’ or via the links below. Members can log in to the app using their existing Motorsport Australia Member Portal login details. If you have not registered for the Member Portal, you will need to do so before using the app.

Do you need a special licence for track days in Australia?

One of the most common questions we get asked is whether you need a special license for track days in Australia? For most of the track days that we are involved in at Eastern Creek Sydney Motorsport Park, Wakefield Park Raceway, Winton Raceway or even Philip Island Grand Prix Circuit you don’t need anything other than a valid Australian Driver’s License.


Although this will depend on the type of track day event and who the organisers are, so sometimes it will vary and you may need a Motorsport Australia License (details here) Motorsport Australia Competition Licences start at just $80 to enable you to enjoy even casual forms of motorsport in a low-cost and safe environment.


In many instances you bring your own road registered car or track day car to hundreds of events held around the country regularly.

Speed vs Non-Speed Licenses

For some events the most common license people will need is a Speed / Non-Speed Licence;


  • A Non-Speed Licence entitles you to compete in low-intensity events such as Observed Section Trials, Touring Assemblies, Non-timed Road Events, Motorkhana and Khanacross. These events typically are hosted on smaller facilities, and are based on manoeuvrability and skill rather than outright pace. Participants can begin from the age of 12 onward.


  • A Speed Licence allows you to compete at pace in events such as Regularity, single and multi-car Speed Events, Drifting and Touring Road Events. It is designed for competitors – from the age of 14 – who want to explore the full potential of their vehicle and driving ability at speed and against the clock, as opposed to fellow competitors on-track.