NEWS: Lotus Exige Sport 350 sports car review by Car Advice

Car Advice took the Lotus Exige for a drive in Sydney... "This is pure feel everything"

What did the Car Advice review say about the Exige? begs with the abandonment of a lovestruck and horny teenager.

This car wants to be driven. Hard...

Car Advice

Rob Margeit from Car Advice took the Lotus Exige for a drive in Sydney and had some great things to say in his review

  • Razor-sharp steering
  • Superb handling dynamics
  • Tactile and precise gearbox
  • It’s bloody fast
  • Plenty of torque to help things move along
  • Fantastic note from supercharged V6
  • Head-turning looks

....this is driving, pure driving...

...the Exige is an intimate car when driven, as it’s designed to be.

You feel everything it does and it’s a lovely feeling.

It caresses you as you caress it, your inputs into the steering wheel, the throttle, the gearbox all met with an instant responsiveness that excite and delight.

Car Advice
Lotus Exige Sport review by Car Advice Lotus Exige