PRODUCT: Lotus Evora Exhaust Kit Upgrade

We have developed an exhaust upgrade kit for the V6 Evora range to give it better sound and saving over 13kg vs the OEM assembly

An Evora exhaust upgrade for better sound and less weight

The Simply Sports Cars engineering team have developed a muffler upgrade kit that is suitable for the Lotus Evora sports car. Have a listen to the video, you can give your Evora a better sound while also reducing weight in the rear of the vehicle. Our team designed the kit to help improve engine breathing & it also saves just over 13kgs vs the OEM muffler assembly. 

The weight saving helps to reduce your Evora’s yaw inertia as the bulk of this overhangs the rear axle a fair way from the cars centre of gravity. So by changing the exhaust system you get much better sound and slightly improved driving dynamics as well.

Take a look at the Exhaust options & other performance modifications we have available in our store. There are simple product swap out choices as well as complete header, exhaust, muffler & tuning options to choose from.

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