NEWS: Lotus Evora 400 sports car review by Boss Hunting

Boss Hunting took the keys to a Lotus Evora 400 sports car and drove it from Sydney to Mount Panorama Bathurst for our exclusive track day.

Evora 400 Australian review

Lotus Evora sports car review in Australia by Boss Hunting at Mount Panorama Bathurst

Does it get any more Australian than taking a sports car to Mount Panorama, the famous black stretch of tarmac that has seen world famous drivers cutting laps on its 6km of driving nirvana?

We gave Boss Hunting the keys to a Lotus Evora 400 sports car to experience what the ‘Lotus Lifestyle’ is all about. They drove around Sydney then made their way to our track day at Mount Panorama to get a taste of the Evora on road and racing circuit.

This is what they said in their Evora 400 review

…it quickly turned into a day I’ll never forget, but what really stood out for me was the accessibility to genuine motorsport that these Lotuses offer your every day punter…

…if you’ve got a little petrol in your blood and have never been to a track day, I dare you to visit one of these track days and just stand by the barrier and listen to the guttural drone of Lotus after Lotus absolutely fly by…

…the exclusive Lotus Only Track Day at Mount Panorama. Lotus Cars Australia actively encourages its owners to get out to these types of events to enjoy their cars.

It got underway on a Tuesday afternoon where we turned up to see almost 100 Lotus owner drivers from around Australia for registration and scrutineering, followed by an owners dinner with guest speakers including professional race car drivers who were there for mentoring and coaching…