NEWS: Lotus Emira first edition paint colours

Take a look at the Emira first edition colour choices with a comparison of digital renders and colour samples under sunlight

Comparing the Emira paint colours in the sunlight

The Lotus Emira launch editions can be ordered in Australia with a choice of six exterior paint colours;

  1. Hethel Yellow
  2. Seneca Blue
  3. Magma Red
  4. Dark Verdant
  5. Shadow Grey
  6. Nimbus Grey

All of them are metallic paints except for Hethel Yellow. The team have provided some digital render previews on the Emira configurator to try and represent each colour as best as possible.

Although achieving this is sometimes quite difficult when you compare digital interpretations vs the real paint in natural sunlight.

The video above was taken using a mobile phone so that has to be taken into consideration, but it shows how good each colour will look in the sunshine.

The Emira’s body shape will create quite unique reflections depending on the light and we can already see that this vehicle will look quite different at night time vs daylight sunshine.

There is even a slight purple spec in the Shadow Grey when you look closely, so when this colour is painted on a body it is going to look quite striking.

Emira paint colour photos

Shadow Grey Lotus Emira sports car on Bahrain International Circuit at Malibu Cars and Coffee

As of December 2021 the vehicles out in public that you can see the pain colours have been a Shadow Grey and Seneca Blue Emira. There are quite a few photos on the internet of these two either inside or out in daylight. As you will see the colours can vary quite a lot depending on the light, type of camera & how the photos were edited.


There has also been a Hethel Yellow Emira spotted in China with a low quality image uploaded to Instagram.

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