NEWS: Lotus at Targa High Country Tarmac Rally 2021

The Targa High Country tarmac rally 2021 was another incredible driving event with the GT Sports Trophy podium dominated by Lotus sports cars.

Lotus wins GT Sports Trophy again

Lotus Sports Cars at Targa High Country Tarmac Rally February holding up trophy GT Sports Trophy

"16th outright, Top 10 around tight Mansfield - Exige's Rule OK. Simon and Deon were just really quick, Steve and Fergal gave us a huge run . Martin built up to some fastest times and the Taylors were on fire until an indiscretion on the second last stage.

We all had a massive amount of fun and great times out of the car with fabulous people. The usual superb organisation and support from Lee and the team and a big thanks to SSC's Ali Noble [ my brilliant Nav's son ! ] for building up the car for Targa

next stop ... Rally Adelaide late March .. in their GT - ST category, Tony and Sandra running in Open again"

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While we supported our official Lotus Tour group there were a number of drivers competing in the competitive classes including GT OUTRIGHT, GT SPORTS TROPHY & TSD.

After 3 days of competition Lotus Exige sports cars finished in the top 10 for all categeries wihch is an incredible achievement considering many crews are not professional racing drivers, illustrating again how accessible Targa tarmac rally racing is.

GT OUTRIGHT was dominated by 4WD vehicles that took advantage of the damp conditions on the first day with less than 6 minutes separating the Lotus drivers.

Each of the sports cars were prepared and built by Simply Sports Cars with all the necessary equipment including safety cage, communication equipment and rally safe monitoring devices.


1st Place – Trude / Morrison

2nd Place – Bryden / Noble who fought hard for second place with the previous Targa Tasmania winners

3rd Place – Sher / Murphy who were just seconds behind Bryden / Noble

4th Place – went to seasoned campaigners Duursma / Wodhams not too far behind the podium finishers


6th Place – Hilton / Vanderpoel

7th Place- Seymour / Seymour

8th Place- Cuthbert / Cuthbert

11th Place – Wowk / Molocznyk


5th Place – Rowe / Lankhorst

Targa High Country Lotus Tour

Lotus Sports Cars at Targa High Country February drinks
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The 2020 running of Targa High Country was re-scheduled to February 2021 due to Victorian border closures and lockdown requirements.

So unusually, we headed to Mount Buller in February to kick off our year of tarmac rally driving events which will see us go to Tasmania, Cairns & return to Mount Buller later in the year.

Even though we had a few last minute cancellations it didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the group we had which included a mix of married couples, best mates as well as father and son combinations.

The Tour group drives on the exact same roads and stages as the competition groups do as well as travelling through the unique landscapes around Mount Buller from scenic mountain passes, wide open farmland and the exhilarating town of Mansfield. The stages are some of the most iconic in Australian rallying.

Can anyond do Targa High Country?

Lotus Sports Cars at Targa High Country Tarmac Rally February husband and wife doing the tour red Evora

Absolutely, anyone can try their first Targa tarmac rally because we make it very easy & accessible for anyone to try.

You can start by joining a Lotus Tour to get a taste of it, then progress to TSD which is time and speed limited, then to GT Sports Trophy which is speed limited & if you are very keen GT Outright which is open competition.

A Lotus sports car is the ideal targa tarmac rally car which its blend of light weight and agile handling. Our crew are on hand during the entire rally in case there are any mechanical issues but to also help you through scrutineering, getting to stages, refueling and more.

Practically everything is included with meals, accomodation etc all taken care of.

What do you need to enter a Targa tarmac rally event?

Lotus Sports Cars At Targa High Country Tarmac Rally February of

Each entry is for 2 people consisting of Driver & Co-driver. Both must have a minimum of a Level 2 non-speed event CAMS licence, available online.


Not required for the Tour Class: Driving suits, helmets, special apparel, roll cages, and slick tyres.


Generally speaking, a road registered vehicle can participate.


All vehicles must have:

  • First aid kit
  • An oil spill kit -1kg of kitty litter will suffice
  • 2 x Safety triangles
  • Working OBD port to use the Rally Safe Unit


For competition classes there are different requirements depending on the level entered. We can help with the supply and installation of roll cages, communication equipment, brake upgrades and more.

Targa High Country reviews

Lotus Sports Cars at Targa High Country February Robert Bryden

"Bit disappointed to find my windscreen still covered in (cheap) champagne this morning. For that reason I can only give the SSC team 11 out of 10 for the weekend. Brilliant, brilliant holiday. Thanks everyone for being part of it. See you next year!"


"What can I say that hasn’t already been said .... thanks to Richard, Lee and all the guys from SSC for the hard work. The catching up with old friends and meeting new ones, awesome roads in great cars. A special shoutout to the flat mates in K2-05 and lastly to Graham and Margarita for their company and generosity in sharing the car with me. To living the Lotus Lifestyle."


"I would love to thank everyone for their ongoing appreciatiation and smiles. Its my first targa since first listening to my old man rave about it all in a bmw team, then watching several crews go out without me since working for ssc. But ive had an absolute blast watching everyone come in to my stations with massive smiles and minimal problems.

Its almost a holiday for me so thank you to everyone for being the people and the community you are that makes weeks likes this beyond imagination for the lil mechanic apprentices like myself.

I dont have enough appreciation cookies to go round but thank you and congradulations to the lotus family. This community is truely a dream come true and we're gonna all keep going till we're at the top."


"Hi all. Just wanted to say what an awesome time I had over the weekend. Great to meet so many nice people and hear all your stories. The SSC team were simply amazing and made the whole experience even better knowing they are there to help with everything. The dinners and accommodation were perfect. And lastly to Justin. Mate I had a ball. Not once was I worried about your driving or speed and you did a amazing job. I have caught the bug and will be back whenever you want me. As I said, it is the most fun you can have with your pants on."