NEWS: Lotus at Targa High Country tarmac rally 2018

Lotus were at Targa High Country again in 2018 and claimed all the podium positions with a huge group of 20 cars at this years's event.

Targa High Country Tarmac Rally

Lotus at Targa High Country EMP Lotus Targa HC Rally

"To see so many Lotus owners in the podium places is amazing. Everyday people doing something they have always dreamed of doing."

"The cars have performed incredibly well over the three days and just shows how versatile an Exige, Elise and Evora is when it comes to high performance driving"

Lee Knappett, Director of Simply Sports Cars

We had another big group of Lotus sports car owners at this year’s Targa High Country tarmac rally event. Similar to previous years we saw Lotus drivers take the podium places in different categories.



3rd – Morton – Benson – Lotus Exige

6th – Stokell – Read – Lotus Exige

9th – Fengels – Mertens – Lotus Exige


GT Sports Trophy

1st – Meletopoulo – Meletopoulo – Lotus Exige

2nd – Duursma – Wodhams – Lotus Exige

5th – Seymour – Seymour – Lotus Exige



1st – Peter Taylor / Tristan Taylor – Lotus Elise S

3rd – Michael Moore / Richard Woolford – Lotus Exige

4th – Leigh Fuller / Graham Weir – Lotus Exige

10th – Andrew Lydon / Matthew Smith – Lotus Elise

11th – Robert Bryden / Alex Bryden – Lotus Exige

14th – Vicky Rowe / Ellie Hamilton – Lotus Elise


Targa High Country Lotus Tour

Lotus at Targa High Country EMP Lotus Targa HC Rally

We also had another big Lotus Tour group who go to enjoy the same closed road stages as the rally race teams used, but of course, at a more leisurely pace.