NEWS: Lotus at Targa High Country tarmac rally 2016

Lotus were at Targa High Country again in 2016 and claimed all the podium positions with a huge group of cars at this years's event.

Targa High Country Tarmac Rally

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The brand new Lotus Exige Sport 350 lead a field of 16 Lotus sports car owners competing in Targa High Country around Mount Buller, Victoria. It was the first ever competitive event for the Lotus Exige Sport 350 driven by Grant Denyer & Dale Moscatt in preparation for the Targa Australia Championship in 2017 which saw the duo achieve top 5 stage times and make huge gains on the well established teams over the 3 days eventually finishing 6th overall.


Most impressive though was the results of our group in TSD (Time, Speed & Distance) which required patience and skill to complete the stages at a set average speed. Jeffrey & Jarred enjoyed podium celebrations in their first ever rally together coming in 3rd, closely followed by Brendan & Jeffrey in 4th & then Stevan and Fergal in 5th.


The Simply Sports Cars team of Mechanics and Engineers providing support during each of the Targa Rally Stages which allowed everyone to enjoy their driving experience on some of the best roads in Australia.


Lots of various models were running from the S1/S2 Lotus Elise & Exige to current Exige V6, Evora 400 and even a Lotus Eleven driven by Ashton which has only recently finished being built. Cars were running in various classes from the Touring group, to TSD (Time, Speed, Distance) to the outright competitive groups. So there was something for everyone to suit daily drivers or fully prepped track cars.

What did participants say?

"This is what we call the 'Lotus Lifestyle' and its part of our DNA at Simply Sports Cars. It's the perfect way to use your Lotus & get a true, pure, driving experience. As a team we enjoy making these experieces available for our community of Lotus Owners and they clearly love it judging by their reactions.

We've managed to have more than 10 people drive in a Road Rally for the first time with the confidence to know we were there to support them along the way. A pretty unique experience for them and what Simply Sports Cars Lotus is all about."

Richard Gibbs, Director of Sales & Strategy for Simply Sports Cars

Everyone was able to enjoy running on true tarmac rally stages, follow pace notes and be part of a national competitive event. Conditions varied from dry, sunny roads to even a spot of snow on the second and third mornings. Although it didn’t matter what was being thrown at the group, there were smiles from ear to ear almost painted on permanently.


A wonderful and fantastic experience“, Jeff


A superb weekend. It says a lot that SSC surpassed our expectations in terms of organisation and entertainment. Add to that 5 solid days of talking cars and sharing stories with some of the nicest, self-depracating, accomplished people you could hope to meet and it can only be considered a real “this is the life” occasion.“, Mike


Already putting a plan together so I can bring my car along next year.“, David


I’m in the market for another car so I can do GT Sports Trophy. The amazing support crew from SSC and the community of like-minded enthusiasts they are passionately cultivating makes it pretty impossible to consider buying a car from any other brand doesn’t it?”Jeff


SSC does such a cohesive and professional job. It makes a huge difference with that support. And a terrific bunch of blokes“, Hartley


A great weekend and fantastic company. Well done to all and hope to see you all soon….perhaps a skid pan day at Eastern Creek?“, Brian


Thanks to everyone in Team SSC Lotus for a great weekend. We will defintely be back for 2017“, Peter


We were still grinning when we got back to Sydney! Hats off to the entire SSC Team, very impressive few days mainly due to your massive efforts. Also a pleasure to spend time with such a great bunch of people! We’ll definitely be back again next year and most likely be at Tas in 2018!“, Steve


A huge thank you to SSC team for an awesome and memorable Targa Event. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and thank you all for the great company. It was such a pleasure spending time with you all. Lets do it all again soon“, Gino & Melanie


My kids wanted to get in the race car! Thanks everyone for a great week“, Brendan


We had a ball. Great organisation. Great company. Great driving. Great time“, Mark & Scott


Thanks for all the great company over the last few days. Only 5 months to go before we tackle Targa Tasmania….“, Martin