PRODUCT: Forged wheel rims for Elise and Exige

A selection of forged wheels now available from Simply Sports Cars built to our Engineer Team's specs. Track & rally tested, tough, durable, stylish.

Brand new forged wheel rims for your Lotus sports car

Simply Sports Cars Icon Forged Wheel Rim for Lotus Exige
Simply Sports Cars Icon Forged Wheel Rim for Lotus Exige used in targa or track days

When you are considering new wheels for your Lotus sports car, a key consideration should be weight, especially on a Lotus, and this is what makes a forged wheel a good choice. There are literally thousands of different wheel brands available around the world, and some have stunning designs but they are often made to look good, with little thought to performance and weight.


The two main choices for aluminium wheel manufacture are casting or forging. Forged rims are usually made from solid pieces of aluminium which are heated to allow machines to shape the rims under pressure, whilst cast aluminium wheels are manufactured by pouring melted aluminium into a mould, casting it into its final shape. Casting is the cheaper manufacturing method, but usually results in a heavier wheel. The forging method results in a stronger wheel by eliminating cavities, porosity, and shrinkage. Due to its tighter grain structure, forged wheels are also mechanically stronger, ensuring better wear resistance over time as they are more durable, resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Additionally, the wheel’s structural integrity is not compromised – important for high performance driving applications.


Choosing a forged wheel can provide significant advantages as these can be manufactured to have equal or better strength compared to cast wheels, yet be significantly lighter, reducing the un-sprung weight of your Lotus. Reducing un-sprung weight will allow much more accurate suspension control, and will amplify the car’s feedback to the driver.


The biggest benefits will of course be enjoyed on the race track, targa rally or other high performance driving applications. That is why our Engineering Team was involved in the initial spec briefing when designing these wheels to ensure anything we sold was going to deliver uncompromised performance.

What sizes and wheel rim specs are available?

The forged wheel rim range is currently available for Elise & Exige (we are working on units for Evora). The team has ensured each wheel rim size is suitable as a direct replacement for factory wheels or as an additional set of rims that are used for track days or targa events.

What do forged wheel rims weigh?

Simply Sports Cars Forged 16 x 7 front wheel rim weight

6.65 kgs
others 7.06 - 8.32 kgs

Simply Sports Cars Forged 17 x 8 rear wheel rim weight

6.96 kgs
others 8.32 - 9.94 kgs

Simply Sports Cars Forged 17 x 8 Exige V6 front wheel rim weight

7.70 kgs
others 7.10 - 8.10 kgs

Simply Sports Cars Forged 18 x 10 Exige V6 rear wheel rim weight

8.93 kgs
others 9.07 - 11.45 kgs

How much is a forged wheel rim set?

Elise/Exige S2:

Exige V6:

excludes delivery, tyre, balancing or fitting.

What colours & styles are available?

There are 4 x primary colour choices available that can be easily matched to any vehicle colour. It is possible to get a set made in specific bespoke colours at an additional cost, just contact us using the form below for pricing.

The wheels are designed to accept a standard Lotus centre cap. The buyer will have a choice of swapping over existing wheel centre caps or purchasing new caps.

Silver Forged Wheel

Matt Black Forged Wheel

Gloss Black Forged Wheel

Anthracite Forged Wheel

Use the enquiry form at the bottom of this page to send us information about your needs as there are various options depending on your specific use / application. This choice can also vary depending on if this wheel set will be your only wheels or a secondary set (you run two sets used either for daily driving or track/targa)
Use the enquiry form at the bottom of this page to send us information about your requirements. We can organise for the wheels to be collected at our dealership or sent to a location for you. There are various options available to have your wheels/tyres removed/replaced. Also consider to have wheel alignment & balancing done at the same time.

Use the enquiry form at the bottom of this page as sometimes we may have people wanting second-hand factory wheels. Generally speaking, many people keep their factory wheels to help with resale value if they sell the car later on. Otherwise advertising them for sale on the Aussie Elises Forum is also another great option to reach the Australian Lotus Community quickly.

Of course, forged wheels are like red cars, they always make you feel faster, that’s why we have made them. Ok, jokes aside, if you want items on your vehicle that have a focus on strength, durability & performance then choosing forged wheels becomes one of the items that should be on your list.

Yes, we can organise for a special production run that can have a bespoke custom colour applied to the forged wheel rims. This can make it possible to match your vehicle’s paintwork or to suit motorsport use for branding applications.

The weight of forged wheel rims will vary by manufacturer and it becomes a balance between weight & cost to find the right set of wheels for your vehicle. Our forged wheel rims weight between 6.65 kgs and 8.93 kgs which is up to 2 kgs lighter than alternative options.

The design of these wheel rims have been done as a replacement for the factory wheels so generally speaking they should suit vehicles that have the big brake kits installed. Although to be sure just email our team to double check

This will depend on the suspension set up of your vehicle including ride height & the size of tyre you choose to fit to the wheel rim. Our team can help you choose an appropriate size.

In some situations we may consider trading in the stock wheel rims on your vehicle, contact our team to discuss options.

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