VIDEO | Onboard Lotus Exige with AIM Dash at Track Night


Lotus Exige at Eastern Creek Track Night with AIM Dash

Watch Jonathon's onboard video of his Lotus Exige sports car at Eastern Creek doing laps during our recent Track Night driving event in Sydney. His Exige is fitting with the AIM MX2E dashboard which can record lap times using the built in GPS as well as do data logging so that you can download your track day information to a laptop to review later.


Eastern Creek track nights at Sydney Motorsport Park is a relatively new driving experience that has been introduced and gives driving enthusiasts another option for taking their car to a racing cricuit to drive at speed.


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The Lotus approved AIM MX2E digital dashboard is now available for sale from the Simply Sports Cars dealerships in Sydney and Melbourne. This incredible new product packs all the essentials that any sports car driving enthusiast would need for daily driving or time doing track days. It is a clever plug and play dashboard that can be customised for your Elise or Exige sports car and is pre-loaded with circuit data from over 4,000 race tracks around the world. 

The build in GPS and data logging technology will help drivers improve their lap times different types of track day activities.


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