Guide | Targa High Country Mount Buller Tarmac Rally Lotus Tour




Come and join The Official Lotus Tour with the experienced Lotus support team at Targa High Country running on some of the best driving roads in rural Victoria around Mount Buller. A road registered Lotus sports car is all you need, no experience required. It is one of the easiest rally’s to do, we start and finish in the same location each day.
Targa is one of the largest tarmac rally series in the world spectacular stages conducted on closed roads. You get to drive on the exact same roads as the competition rally classes with support from the Lotus Cars Australia team who have been going to various Targa events for many years. The Targa Tour is the best way to have a spirited drive in your sports car.










Targa High Country will travel through unique landscapes around Mount Buller from scenic mountain passes, wide open farmland and the exhilarating town of Mansfield. The stages are some of the most iconic in Australian rallying. All your accommodation, meals and logistics will be handled by the Tour Leader. We will follow the Competition Classes and stay in a dedicated rally area on Mount Buller, so you get to soak up the atmosphere of the event. 




Thur 4th Feb - Mon 8th Feb 2021
Day 1| Thursday 4th  - Travel & arrive at Mount Buller, welcome dinner & briefings

Day 2| Friday 5th - Rally - Overnight at Mount Buller, Group dinner

Day 3| Saturday 6th - Rally - Overnight at Mount Buller, Group dinner

Day 4| Sunday 7th - Rally - Overnight at Mount Buller, Targa Awards Dinner

Day 5| Monday 8th - Return home at your leisure




- An exclusive group of Lotus sportscar owners driving together

- The Lotus Tour packet will be led by a Tour Leader

- Lotus Tour Manager to assist with the logistics

- Lotus Cars mechanics to assist with the car

- Targa Tour class entry for Driver and Co-Driver

- 4 nights’ accommodation, twin share including breakfast

- 4 night dinner & beverage package for Driver and Co-Driver

- Lunch on each full day of the competition (Fri, Sat, Sun) for Driver and Co-Driver

- Tour Drive Leader who drives all the stages and will aid if needed

- Road Books for all stages and touring stages

- Rally safe rental (all vehicles must have)

- Targa Competitor Lanyards and official ‘Invitation to compete’

- Participation of each stage of the event

- Targa finishers Medallion for Driver and Co-Driver (upon completion of the event)

A detailed itinerary and daily update information sheets to accompany your road notes. This will include destination addresses for car nav systems, fuel service plan and a complete contact list of all fellow Lotus Tour competitors




Yes you can share the driving at Targa High Country. What makes this tarmac rally such a great experience is that we start and finish in the same place on the top of Mount Buller every day. So it means that one person can do the rally stages going out & the other person can do the stages coming back. Or maybe you just share the days but either way you can share the driving experience.

Being able to share the driving at Targa High Country can add a completely different perspective to your experience with maybe husband and wife, father and son, mother and daughter or even best mates doing the event together.




Yes you can do Targa High Country and remove your soft top of hard top, although if you do so then you are required to wear helmets. So while the open air driving experience might be a lot of fun, there is a slightly different logistics challenge to deal with by needing to carry helmets to the event. You can still enjoy a convertible experience during the 'touring' sections where we drive between the official stages and normal road rules apply.




Price is $4500 (inc GST), to reserve your place a $600 application fee is required

Entries close December 18th, balance due January 4th 2021




Each entry is for 2 people consisting of Driver & Co-driver. Both must have a minimum of a Level 2 non-speed event CAMS licence, available online.

Not required for the Tour Class: Driving suits, helmets, special apparel, roll cages, and slick tyres.

Generally speaking, a road registered vehicle can participate.

All vehicles must have:

  1. First aid kit

  2. An oil spill kit -1kg of kitty litter will suffice

  3. 2 x Safety triangles

  4. Working OBD port to use the Rally Safe Unit





"Hi all. Just wanted to say what an awesome time I had over the weekend. Great to meet so many nice people and hear all your stories. The SSC team were simply amazing and made the whole experience even better knowing they are there to help with everything. The dinners and accommodation were perfect. And lastly to Justin. Mate I had a ball. Not once was I worried about your driving or speed and you did a amazing job. I have caught the bug and will be back whenever you want me. As I said, it is the most fun you can have with your pants on." 
- Lucas


"What can I say that hasn’t already been said .... thanks to Richard, Lee and all the guys from SSC for the hard work.  The catching up with old friends and meeting new ones, awesome roads in great cars. A special shoutout to the flat mates in K2-05 and lastly to Graham and Margarita for their company and generosity in sharing the car with me. To living the Lotus Lifestyle."
- Leigh


"Bit disappointed to find my windscreen still covered in (cheap) champagne this morning. For that reason I can only give the SSC team 11 out of 10 for the weekend. Brilliant, brilliant holiday. Thanks everyone for being part of it. See you next year!"
- Mike


"And do you know Lee and the boys also fix spectacles as well as Lotus’ ?  Mine broke on the Jamieson stage, we pull into the SSC van beside the road in a panic and within 30 secs they have my specs fixed and we are back in the rally !!"
- Giles


"i would love to thank everyone for their ongoing appreciatiation and smiles. Its my first targa since first listening to my old man rave about it all in a bmw team, then watching several crews go out without me since working for ssc. But ive had an absolute blast watching everyone come in to my stations with massive smiles and minimal problems. Its almost a holiday for me so thank you to everyone for being the people and the community you are that makes weeks likes this beyond imagination for the lil mechanic apprentices like myself. I dont have enough appreciation cookies to go round but thank you and congradulations to the lotus family. This community is truely a dream come true and we're gonna all keep going till we're at the top."
- Alastair


"...thanks a million again for such an awesome weekend. Giles (Dad) sends his best from the drivers seat!!"
- Ashton


"Many thanks to the SSC team for another incredible TH event. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful company, we look forward to doing it all again next year."
- Mel & Gino


"Thanks all, especially my mate and driving instructor, Honkie. Margarita and I had a great time with great people"
- Graham


"Great few days. Great company. Great support. Your more than welcome back Lucas. And as a driver I can't put it too lightly how much we rely on the Nav. Awesome job from my Nav, Scott. Hats off to the Navs."
- Mark


"I think I will sleep well tonight after such a top weekend."
- Giles  


"It's been a great weekend. Look forward to next time."
- Vicky 


"I don't think I've ever had so much fun, every one was awesome!" 
- Gemma


"Vicky and i thoroughly enjoyed the Tour but even more, everyone's friendship and company.  Looking forward to next year." 
- Eddie


"Thank you SSC crew, fantastic experience with amazing people!"
- Chris and Sonia


"Thanks to all in the Lotus family. It’s not just the driving, although that was fantastic . The boys at SSC are a class act. Cheerfulness and professionalism never flag. We are lucky to have such a solid support team."
- Hartley


"From Maria and I, Overwhelmed at how awesome the Lotus community is. Massive thanks to our friends at SSC, will miss you all until next time, be safe."
- Carl & Maria


"...just a quick note to say it was such a pleasure to drive with so many spirited Lotus owners. A real privilege to be amongst you all, very pleased we have returned with straight cars and some extra ballast."
- Brett


"Congrats to the Lotus Cars team. This is the sort of activation and involvement from which much larger brands could and should take inspiration. Fantastic opportunity for owners to enjoy their cars and use them as they are meant to be..."
- Mike




Entry – Competition entries are to be done directly via Targa Australia.

Support– e.g. accommodation, dinner & beverage packages are available to people interested in competing at Targa. 

Vehicle preparation - we can help you with basic preparation to complete competition class vehicle builds. Our Engineering Team are available to provide personalised quotations and advice. 

To enquire about competition classes and other support please




- Each entry is covers 2 people consisting of Driver & Co-driver

- You can dual enter and share the driving/navigating during the event.

- The Tour travels on the same roads as the main competition which are closed & you can drive on both sides

- The style of driving is 'quite spirited' with many of the sections twisty enough to fully enjoy your Lotus at speed.

- Both must have as a minimum a Level 2 non speed event CAMS licence (available online)

- Driving suits, helmets and special apparel are not required for the Tour.

- Cars participating in the Tour do not need roll cages, slick tyres etc.

- Generally speaking a road registered vehicle can participate.

- All vehicles must have a) first aid kit and b) an oil spill kit (1kg of kitty litter will suffice)