Sydney Motorsport Park Track Day for Lotus sports car owners


Eastern Creek Track Day in Sydney

A track day in Sydney for performance sports cars

Suitable for beginners &
road registered vehicles

Owners of sports cars like the Lotus Elise, Evora or Exige are encouraged by Lotus sports car dealerships around Australian to enjoy their performance cars at track days, driving events or even participating in a Targa Rally. This week Lotus Cars Australia ran one of their regular, exclusive, track days in Sydney at Eastern Creek Sydney Motorsport Park where owners got the whole racing circuit to themselves for the day. Lotus also holds days at other circuits around Australia like Phillip Island, Mount Panorama Bathurst, Wakefield Park Raceway and Winton Raceway.


Lotus Cars Australia
Eastern Creek track day reviews

Absolutely fantastic event, i cant wait for the next one. Well done to the team at Simply Sports cars for continuously putting on such amazing events which allow spirited drivers such as myself to enjoy my lotus the way it was intended to be driven. 

Angelo Tzikas



I had a great experience at the recent Lotus track day at Eastern Creek. As always, the event was brilliantly run - with great technical support from Simply Sports Cars. I also enjoyed the venue - being 20 minutes from home is a real bonus. Thanks Richard, Lee, Richie, Mark and the rest of the SSC crew!

Peter Wolsey



Awesome day, plenty of track time, considerate drivers, lots of spirited fun.

Peter Ireland



Bought my Lotus from them in 2013, have used them ever since for servicing & work, and attended a number of track events with them. Absolutely faultless, huge part of what makes Lotus ownership experience in Australia better than any other car I've owned by far. Simply the best.

Peter Roberts




A full day on Eastern Creek
with a road registered sports car

The great thing about a Lotus Only Track Day is that owners can take their sports car to the track and drive it home again. You don't need a special race car you can use your road registered vehicle and drive it on the racing circuit with no speed limits. Lotus Cars Australia partnered with Driving Solutions to run the day to make sure everything was planned and organised during the day & to keep everyone safe.


Beginner, intermediate &
experienced groups at a track day

One of the important things Lotus Cars Australia spends a lot of time on is making sure everyone has a great driving experience on the racing circuit. To do this they split all the drivers into different groups so that each person is driving with other people of similar ability. This means each session is safe and everyone can drive at their own pace without the pressure of cars going past them regularly so they can concentrate on their driving.

You don't need any previous driving experience on a racing circuit, the team will ease you into the day and there is a special group for beginnings who get personal 1-on-1 tuition and training to get them up to speed.


Eastern Creek track day with your best friend
...husband & wife or father & son

husband and wife doing a track day in a Lotus Elise Cup 250 sports car

The best part about doing a sports car track day with Lotus Cars Australia is that the community of people are very inclusive and welcoming. It is the perfect environment for best mates or even husband and wife to come out and enjoy a day of performance driving together. 



Can you do a track day on
Mount Panorama Bathurst?

One of the highlights of the year is the Lotus Cars Australia track day on the famous Mount Panorama. For less than $2,000 you can drive on this world famous race track with your own road registered car for a day that is exclusive to Lotus owners.




Can you use your Lotus
sports car all year round?

Lotus Cars Australia prides itself on creating a driving lifestyle that is focussed on enabling people from all walks of life or driving experience to enjoy their sports car all year round. Driver training, track days, targa rally events and social outings are run all year round that gives vehicle owners a chance to use their sports car regularly and enjoy the friendship of other driving enthusiasts.