Australian Lotus sports car owner reviews


Australian Lotus Sports Car Owner Reviews

These cars are absolutely insane. If you want a totally different experience to driving a car (without any of the unnecessary "extras" that cars come with these days), then try a Lotus. I guarantee you'll be hooked.

I genuinely thought I was happy with my car ... until I felt what Lotus were capable of - before long I was trading my car in for a new Lotus.

I recommend anyone considering a performance car to test drive a Lotus ... Hand me the keys to ANY other car and I would GLADLY hand back the keys and state: "No, thanks, that's not necessary"

Adam.R, Lotus Exige Sport 350, September 2017



“Alive! That's how I feel when I strap myself into my Elise. Driving a Lotus is an immersive experience, and I love the tactile signals...”

David Allan, Lotus Elise 2010 Club Racer, February 2017


"I love driving my Lotus , I feel very proud and privileged to own one . The admiration and glances she gets is great . This is my third Lotus and the only make of car I would choice to drive."

Teresa Priestly, Lotus Elise S, August 2017


“A single word to describe my Elise would be 'purity.' No 'aids' or 'assitance' of any kind diuting my experience, input yields immediate, unfiltered output.”

Tristan Atkins, Lotus Elise 1997 Series 1, February 2017


“Drive any Lotus and it will surprise you.  Drive it hard and you will surprise yourself.  No other brand involves the driver like Lotus and you will feel like a hero, smiling all the way.”

Michael.M, Lotus Elise, Exige & 340R, February 2017


"It doesn’t pander to your needs, it’s a car for the driver. I think the Elise has evolved quite a bit since my S1 rolled off the production line in 1997, but I’m happy with mine just the way it is. It’s uncivilized, and I love it."

Rob, Lotus Elise S1 1997, August 2017