Lotus Evora GT430 sports car reviews



“...It is just so addictive, engrossing and rewarding to drive; it’s pure..."


Car Advice
"...with styling and form that look like they have no place on public roads, insane levels of grip agility and downforce... and in doing so have put it up there with those rarified cars like the Porsche GT3 RS but at nearly half the price but this is also a car that is comfortable enough to be driven as a daily and in that regard you have to call it a triumph…"


Road & Track
“There are very few cars on the road that leave a lasting impression, that are memorable beyond the day you drive them, that have an inherent feeling of specialness. Cars that couldn't be replicated by another automaker. The Evora GT430 is that sort of car.”



Motoring Research
“...The winged Evora GT430 is much more than that, for in the right environment it is a truly thrilling, utterly rewarding drive. For me it’s even preferable to a McLaren 720S as a track car...”



Motor1 UK
“ Evora GT430 is easily one of the most impressive drivers cars out there”



Torque Chasers
“As a complete package the Lotus Evora can offer you everything from daily driving, to spirited driving to track driving”



Car Magazine
“This is a very serious car for serious money. The six-figure price tag is justified, at least to some extent, by the undoubtedly expensive componentry, and the GT430’s rarity value. A toy like this – and it’s the best kind of toy – isn’t a rational purchase anyway. If this kind of car is your cup of tea, the GT430 is a particularly tasty blend.”



Top Gear
“The chassis is the prime star here. On an interesting road, one with corners and bumps and unpredictable changes in speed, you and the Evora find a harmony and intimacy. It works with you and communicates what it is doing, so you learn the depth of its reserves of grip and power and the immense security of its brakes. Mind you, without a track you’ll never really plumb those reserves.”



Piston Heads

“Flattering decent drivers and challenging experienced ones is how Lotus wants the Evora GT430 to be considered, and that's the way it feels…..is quite easy to get in feel confidently quick...quick enough to make the Evora feel more supercar than sports car.”



“This is a car all about involving you in the driving experience, doing its best to flatter you in the process and not intimidate you.”