Lotus Evora GT430 for sale in Australia


On the eve of the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix we held the official opening of our Simply Sports Cars Melbourne Dealership at 379-383 City Road South Bank.


In front of more than two hundred passionate sports car enthusiasts we showed off the Evora GT430 and Evora GT430 Sport for the first time in Australia. Both sports cars from the Evora range are now avialble to order with just four to be made available in Australia.


Lee Knappett Chief Executive Officer said,
While it has been a challenging journey over the last 18 months we can clearly see from the results achieved that there is great potential for the brand in this country. In an age where headlines are dominated with electric cars, self driving vehicles and the constant increase in technology being loaded into cars we know from talking to Consumers that they are beginning to miss the ‘driving experience’, of being able to feel a car, to drive with a manual gearbox and enjoy it that simplicity.

Lotus have continued to deliver in that area and the Evora GT430 is no exception, this is a GT car with race bred underpinnings that you could live with everyday, we are so glad it is finally here.” 



Richard Gibbs Chief Operating Officer said,
We successfully delivered on our promises. We re-established our national dealer network, achieved record levels of participation in our driving events held throughout the year and continued to create new driving experiences for our Community of Owners. We are probably one of the few brands who get involved and are hands on.

The model lineup has never been stronger, and we enjoyed a good mix of buyers new to the brand as well as existing Owners who upgraded to a new car last year. We can’t wait to get the new Evora range into Australia” 



The Lotus Evora GT430 the most powerful Evora in the range boasts a charge cooled, supercharged V6 with 430 horsepower, up to 250kg of downforce, just 1,256 kgs dry weight, adjustable suspension, carbon fiber components as standard, j-hook performance brakes, variable traction control and much more. 


Check out some of the photos from the night & the videos of the Evora GT430