Lotus Evora 400 sports car reviews



This is a collection of Lotus Evora 400 & Sport 410 
reviews from around the world, including Australia. 


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"To me it strikes the right balance between a focused track car and a comfortable daily, in a way that only Lotus knows how to do. It almost felt weird sitting in such a well-appointed cabin with a Lotus badge staring back from the steering wheel."


Road and Track

"If your trackday life has been spent driving a traditional big-and-fast coupe, you’ll be amazed at the delicacy with which the Lotus treats its consumables......Few cars have ever captured the idea of "road and track" the way this little Lotus does...


"...the car can absolutely, positively handle everything you throw at it and there’s a subtle sense that it’s mocking you for not driving more ambitiously...

...yes, Porsche has its Cayman GT4 and Chevrolet has its Corvette Grand Sport, but as far as I’m concerned neither of those cars inspires the driver in the way that this Evora does......

In this era of the digital supercar, the Sport 410 is a pleasant and constant reminder of how great driving used to be...

...no, the magic isn’t in a lap time, it’s in your core being, in the way that you feel connected to the heart of this magnificent beast when you drive it."



Here's what Mark said from Forbes "But Evora is not like the new breed of musclecar-supercars of our era. It reminds so much of days when we had to drive with skill to get the best out of a sports car....

A petite exotic with steering so pure palms on the wheel can sense tire treads nibbling at the pavement, Lotus Evora Sport 410 offers fundamental lessons in the art of driving that more technological sports cars and supercars cannot."



​The Redline
"The amazing thing about the Evora is that it is incredibly user-friendly. Nothing – and I mean nothing, not even cars with clever dynamic dampers – this side of a McLaren rides this well and goes this fast around corners. The Evora has always been famous for being a plush ride but this is…well, it’s black magic."

"you can expect that raw sense of connection and character that is missing from oh-so-many cars today"


"balance of the steering and the insanely settled ride. Nothing rides or steers this well – as a package – this side of a McLaren 540C (another $170,000 away and with an optional reversing camera)….” 


"it’s not about the techy bits or how the dash looks, it’s about the roar of the engine, the noise of the exhaust, and the pure driving pleasure that the Lotus brings

"the Evora 400 is still a highly tactile device, and you never feel anything other than totally connected to the car"

"The link between the driver and car is excellent, making it a really enjoyable and engaging car to drive"

Motor Magazine
"This Lotus feels light on its feet, expectedly, but it also feels engaging, with road ripples trembling through the deliciously smooth steering."


…it’s the sort of modern car that Colin Chapman (no angel, himself) would want to wear the Lotus badge…

….A McLaren 570S could not do this. Nor could a Porsche 911 GT3…The soundtrack is so delightful that I roll down the windows, just so I can hear it even better….The car feels as though it is rotating around me, a perfectly balanced ballerina dancing through each corner..

Ok Car Mag
...the steering has more feel than 80 percent of the cars on the road…”

Car and Driver
it’s a car for people who want to be engaged deeply by what they drive

Motor Trend
“…From Glorified Kit Car to Cut-Rate McLaren….”

Road & Track Magazine
"With the Evora 400, Lotus has built a car that should make any other performance car maker take notice and reconsider what it is that they do.…This is easily the best-balanced four-seat car I've ever operated on a racetrack..."

You don’t need to be tearing up a track to connect with the Evora: It’s also nimble, unintimidating and tactile at slow speeds..

“…some of the most visceral and exciting sports cars on the planet….”

Road & Track Magazine 
2017 Performance Car of the Year  "...the finest over-the-road enthusiast vehicle available for sale at any price…."

“…It's the only car here that's fun when you're driving slow or fast….
...It carried speed like no other…..
...The steering is untouchable in this company….
...the pedals are weighted to perfection…..
...feedback is absolute and millimeter-precise…..
...without a doubt, the Lotus is the best pure driver's car in the group…..
...the Evora is the only real car here, in the traditional analog sense...”

autocar "the temptation to take the long way home every time I get back into it has yet to expire...colleagues came back praising the way it steers and its agility, but they were also impressed with how well it rides...."

Destinations of the World 
"The feedback you get from the wheel is fantastic; put the nose into any corner and you can feel exactly where the car is going. You’ll be itching to take the Evora 400 on a track"

“….unlike most modern cars, when you put your foot down, it doesn’t feel like the electronics held a committee to discuss if what you asked of it was acceptable….”

The beauty of the Lotus is that it’s simple, highly capable, involving behind the wheel and has livable on-road manners for drives to and from the race track."

"it's a car for people who love to drive...the Evora is positively telepathic in its responses. Most of the time the car is just planted to the track. Push the envelope, and subtle changes in yaw - the precipice of understeer or oversteer - happen so smoothly it's as if you're living in slow motion..."

"What concerns is the same factor that matters about any type of cars. exactly how that steers. If this's personality you prefer, the Evora will deintaely satisfy"

The Detroit News 
"…Opting for a Lotus puts you in rare company…."

Motor Trend
“…Its song at full boil is a pure baritone/tenor aria….”

You Drive Like a Woman "A sexy capable sports car with enough practicality that you would always enjoy the drive, whether to the shops or around the track"