Lotus Cars Australia Sydney Motorsport Park Track Day 2020


Track Day at Eastern Creek
Sydney Motorsport Park




Yes, you read it right. After 7+ years of successfully running our Lotus Only Track Day at numerous iconic tracks around Australia, we are making history by returning home to run for the first time at Sydney's premier race track.

With event calendars being re-written daily due to Covid-19, the LCA team have seized the opportunity to secure access to the Sydney Motorsport Park GP circuit for the day. With 60+ Lotus cars expected, the venue to ourselves and all the support you've come to expect from the SSC crew, this is an event not to be missed.

The Sydney Motorsport Park GP Circuit has something for everyone. It's mixture of long straights, elevation changes, high and low speed corners make it a technical layout ideally suited for Lotus cars and their drivers. Come and join your fellow Lotus enthusiasts and forget about Covid for a while.



  $495 per car (inc GST)



  Drive (untimed and inclusive of group mentoring)

  Sprint (timed)

  Sprint R (timed)



  Drive: 6 x 15-minute sessions plus group mentoring throughout the day.

  Sprint: 6 x 20-minute sessions throughout the day.

  Sprint R: 2 x 20 minute sprint sessions plus 4 x 20 min handicapped sprint sessions.



The Drive group is ideally suited for those who are keen to explore what the car is capable of when it is no longer bound by the rules of the public road. There is no safer opportunity to do so than in our Drive group where, as part of your entry fee, you will have the benefit of a drive mentor who will provide group mentoring tips and tricks throughout the day. Subject to Covid restrictions, in car tuition will also be made available to you with at least one in car session. You're guaranteed to go home a better driver!



The Sprint group is ideal for those with a competitive streak, keen to improve driving skills but not quite ready for Sprint R. All participants in the Sprint group receive a timing transmitter with lap times being accurately recorded. This category offers you the opportunity to lap the track just that bit quicker each time around.



This is Sprinting with a twist. The first two sessions of the day are like any other Sprint session. From then on, handicaps are applied to add a little extra spice to the driving.



The Driving Mentor Programme is included in the cost of entry for participants of the Drive Group. Professional driving coaches will run out of car theory sessions to the group providing advice, tips and tricks to help you improve your driving. Things like weight balance, brake modulation, throttle application, correct racing lines, braking points and more. If Covid-19 restrictions ease, you will also receive at least one in car tuition session.