Lotus Approved Digital Dashboard AIM MX2E For Sale


Lotus Approved Digital Dashboard
now available in Australia

The Lotus approved AIM MX2E digital dashboard is now available for sale from the Simply Sports Cars dealerships in Sydney and Melbourne. This incredible new product packs all the essentials that any sports car driving enthusiast would need for daily driving or time doing track days. It is a clever plug and play dashboard that can be customised for your Elise or Exige sports car and is pre-loaded with circuit data from over 4,000 race tracks around the world. 

The build in GPS and data logging technology will help drivers improve their lap times different types of track day activities.



What is the AIM MX2E Digital Dashboard?

It is a 'plug and play' replacement for the OEM analogue dashboard for Lotus Elise and Exige V6 sports car models from 2008 onwards. This aftermarket fitmet can be installed without any modification to the existing cockpit area of the vehicle which makes it one of the best upgrades for an Elise or Exige.

The Lotus Sports Car Project Department has been working in collaboration with AiM Technologies to develop this Lotus approved digital dashboard which not only delivers the latest in digital instrumentation but also data logging capabilities. 



Is it a Lotus Approved product for Elise & Exige?

Yes. The new digital dashboard is even pre-installed with a unique Lotus branded start up screen and the case itself is also uniquely branded with the Lotus name that comes with a 2-year Lotus Parts Warranty when it is purchased and installed by a Lotus Approved Dealer like Simply Sports Cars.



What are the key benefits of the AIM MX2E Digital Dashboard?

- Simple plug and play replacement of the oem dashboard and instrument binnacle.

- A complete digital solution for daily driving or track use.

- Track day lap timing and data logging.


Most Lotus owners take their sports cars to do track days either for fun or competitively. Using the AIM MX2E digital dashboard means you don't need to use apps on your smartphone like Harry's Laptimer, a GoPro with its built in GPS Data Logging and potentially avoid the expense of more expensive lap timing / data logging equipment like VBOX units.


While all of those other product solutions have their place the AIM MX2E delivers a unique blend of the latest digital display technology that can be used for daily driving but be customised to then suit track day use at the push of a button.



Can the AIM MX2E be installed by a car dealership?

Simply Sports Cars in Sydney or Melbourne can install the AIM MX2E digital dashboard for you and it can be done in under 2 hours. We don't need to modify or cut into any part of your vehicle, we remove the OEM binnacle and dash, then replace it with the AIM MX2E and test/check that it is working correctly. Getting it installed by a car dealership also means it qualifies for a 2 year Lotus Parts Warranty.


What tracks are available in AIM MX2E Digital Dashboard?

Being a digital product it means the AIM team have been able to install hundreds of racing circuits from around the world into the unit. Richard took his Lotus Exige Sport 410 to do a track day at Eastern Creek which was picked up instantly via the built in GPS unit. Switching the vehicle on near a track, the module will automatically recognize the venue and start to download the start/finish coordinates and calculates lap times when these coordinates are crossed. If the track is not in the database, it is possible to create and load it into the database using Race Studio 3 software, freely downloadable from AiM.

Drivers can download the start/finish line co-ordinates so they can calculate lap times, then analyse performance in real time on the digital display or later by downloading data to a laptop. The system even features a camera input, allowing drivers to add an optional portable action camera to capture the action from each track day lap.


How can you get the AIM Race Studio Software?

Just head to the AIM Race Studio Sofware Page here to get their latest version which is compatible for various Window based devices.



What is the cost of the AIM MX2E Digital Dashboard?

Supply, installation & configuration - $2465 ex gst



What Lotus models does the AIM MX2E Digital Dashboard work with?

Lotus Elise and Exige V6 sports car models from 2008 onwards. Marty & Moog from Mighty Car Mods have installed one in their Exige 240S sports car for daily driving and track day use. Check out the video below.