KTM X-BOW sports car reviews


A collection of reviews for the X-BOW R sports car

I’ve never driven anything that feels so sharp and connected"


Channel 7 News - TV News video segment

Zen Garage - Review
"you feel that connected to the car and road that you have complete command of where the car is and where it’s going to go. No boaty, wishy-washy comfort suspension mode here to cushion your posterior and dull your senses, but why would you want to be disconnected when you’ve got all this fun on tap?"

CarAdvice - Launch storyLaunch night videoReview
"I’ve never driven anything that feels so sharp and connected"


Wheels Magazine - Launch storyReview
"absolutely wonderful, hugely addictive and almost telepathic to drive

Motoring.com.au - Launch storyReview
"That, combined with the user engagement of the six-speed box, and the raw, mechanical soundtrack, simply wills the driver on. It’s scintillating stuff on the road."

Drive.com.au - Launch storyReview
"driving it on a twisty section of road or a billiard-smooth racetrack on a warm and sunny day – there are very few machines that come close to delivering the kind of unfiltered thrills and telepathic engagement between man and machine that the KTM does"

Cars Guide - Launch story, Review
"this is a driving experience like nothing else currently road-legal in Australia. Even at walking pace, the X-Bow R feels poised for an assault on the future"

Motor Magazine - Lauch story

The Motor Report.com.au - Launch story

Stuff.co.nz - Launch story