KTM X-BOW GT now for sale in Australia


X-BOW now available with or without a windscreen.

The new KTM X-BOW GT sports car now for sale


- New model added to the X-BOW range with wrap around windscreen.
Full carbon composite monocoque.
220kW of power, 420Nm of torque and weighs under 900kg,
0-100 in 4.1 seconds, 231 km/h top speed, 100 kg downforce @ 200 km/h
No driver aids, it’s a pure, visceral driving experience
- The X-BOW R & GT both road registerable in Australia via Simply Sports Cars Sydney or Melbourne

Based on the KTM X-BOW R, Austrian manufacturer KTM has created a version of their vehicle with an elegant, frameless, windscreen construction that wraps protectively around the driver and passenger in the same way as a helmet visor would. Crucially it does not impair the pure driving experience or the radical design of the revolutionary KTM X-BOW. 


Simply Sports Cars Chief Executive Officer Lee Knappett said

I’m delighted to see the X-BOW GT also now registerable in Australia.  It’s the ‘everyday’ version of an X-BOW with its amazing windscreen design protecting you from the elements in what is basically an open wheel sports car. In a world where cars are getting faster, bigger, more technology laden, the X-BOW GT remains focused, pure and simple – its about driving, its very raw and it’s fun at 60km/h or 160km/h



The latest KTM design language gives the X-BOW GT a more muscular and powerful look. The extra elements blend seamlessly into each other, thereby creating a “helmet visor effect”. The frameless upper edge ensures a flowing transition between “outside” and “inside”: It extends an imaginary line up from the rear giving the whole vehicle a more dynamic appearance. It’s not all about looks though, the aerodynamics have been improved in order to generate less drag and even more downforce, it’s in their racing genes.


Highlights include;

- Completely revamped center console
- New switch arrangement for windscreen wiper, screen wash/wipe system, interior ventilation/heating.
- New windscreen heater that is a technologically sophisticated solution integrated into the windscreen, which, in contrast to customary standard solutions, are barely visible even in poor light conditions.
- Revamped 2.0-litre TFSI engine from Audi with 300 horsepower at 6,400 rpm & maximum torque of 420 Nm at just 3,200 rpm in a lightweight chassis that tips the scales under 900 kg.
- Manual 6-speed gearbox from Audi with short-shift.
- Limited slip differential that has been completely retuned for the GT.
- Braking performance from 100 km/h to 0 in less than 40 meters
- Torque support that is mounted directly on the carbon monocoque.
- Three-piece, completely flat, racing underbody derived from formula racing vehicles. Up to 100 kg of downforce generated at 200 km/h thanks to the front splitter, underbody and rear diffuser.
- Depending on the tyres, up to 2.0 g of lateral acceleration is possible.
- On the front axle, the pushrod chassis – derived directly from the world of formula racing – features compression damping with high and low-speed settings as well as adjustable rebound damping.
- All these setting options are also available on the rear axle, although here the spring/damper unit is directly attached to the wheel mounting.
- Brembo brake system employs a four-piston, fixed-calliper brake on the front axle, with an internally ventilated, slotted disc measuring 305 mm in diameter; the rear unit is a two-piston, fixed-calliper brake with a diameter of 262 mm. 

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