Jeff Morton's inspirational brain cancer comeback


He returned to Targa Tasmania and won Rookie GT

It isn't too often you get to have close encounters with people who have been close to loosing their life. Following surgery, radiation and chemotherapy to treat his brain tumour back in 2010, Jeff Morton was told he’d probably never drive a car again, let alone race one. Jeff has defied the odds, returning to motorsport to fulfill his lifelong ambition of competing in the iconic Targa Tasmania Rally event.


In 2017 in his first attempt Jeff and co-driver Dennis dominated the field to win the GT Sports Trophy Class by more than 10 minutes.


Jeff returned in 2018 with a new co-driver, Steve, and they took the win in Rookie GT by a staggering 13 minutes. In just his second Targa Tasmania their time was strong enough to place 13th outright in a field with over 140 cars (of which nearly 30 didn't finish). This also was against many competitors who have been participating in Targa for over 10 years.


It’s been a dream come true to come here again and to win twice from two is special. I just feel so blessed to be in this position as a brain cancer survivor with the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation on the car and I hope I can just inspire people not to give up on their dreams and believe anything is possible. 

Jeffrey Morton


Jeff races with the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation livery on his Lotus Exige as a way to generate futher awareness amongst the community, but more importantly, as a symbolic way to inspire other people to chase their dreams. Watch his story & help raise funds for the foundation.



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