How to use DPM mode on a Lotus Exige sports car



We get asked a lot of questions about the Tour, Sport & Race modes on the Lotus Exige. The system that powers these driving options is called the Dynamic Performance Management system or DPM. It uses a combination of 3 key systems that work together – ABS, Traction Control and Vehicle Dynamic Control - with the driver able to select different modes which then alter the car's behaviour.


makes full use of all of the car’s electronic systems and takes a zero tolerance approach to both under and oversteer.


allows both oversteer and understeer up to a set threshold measured by the Vehicle Dynamic Control's yaw sensor.


is designed to minimize oversteer and optimise traction when entering and exiting corners.



The DPM system is part of what makes the Lotus Exige V6 an amazing drivers car, combined with the chassis design, powerful V6 supercharged engine and light weight

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Ross Restell, Lotus Cars Engineering Group Manager – Vehicle Dynamics, has helped create an in depth explanation about the system, it's background and how it works.

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