How to do 1 minute lap times at Wakefield Park Motor Racing Circuit


The secret revealed...

We took the KTM X-BOW R out for a few practice laps at Wakefield Park Motor Racing Circuit. It was the second time Barton Mawer had driven the X-BOW R after doing a few laps at Sydney Motorsport Park earlier in the year.

It was a nice clear day at round 20 degrees and Barton managed a few 1.00 minute lap times around Wakefield relatively easily. Driving at about 7/10ths Barton was really impressed with the capabilities of what is a road registrable sports car. To put that into perspective we've put a screenshot from Wakfield Park Motor Racing Circuit's website showing the fastest recorded laps at the track.

At around the 1 minute mark the X-BOW easily mixes things up with various racing cars as you will see. 

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