Eleven Lotus Sports Cars participating in Targa Tasmania 2018


Just days away from the beginning of Targa Tasmania 2018

The Official Lotus Tour with the experienced Simply Sports Cars team is about to kick off at Targa Tasmania. Eleven Lotus sports cars will be participating in the 2018 event.


Lee Knappett Chief Executive Officer of Lotus Cars Australia said

Lotus is well known for its involvement in motorsport over its 70 year history, with numerous class and championship victories with some of the best drivers of all time getting behind the wheel.

Targa is probably one of the best ways to really enjoy a Lotus sports car, with six days of driving on some amazing roads our owners will truly get to feel what a Lotus is all about, apart from the handling they are easy on fuel, tyres and brakes making it very cost effective vehicle to use for this form of motorsport. It reduces the stress and makes it more enjoyable. 

We actively encourage a lifestyle of social, rally, track or competitive driving and our cars are probably the most cost effective sports cars to use vs other marques.”



Richard Gibbs Director Sales & Strategy for Simply Sports Cars said

I’ve competed in Targa with my Lotus Elise and Evora previously and the memories last forever. We are passionate about making these opportunities available to our owners so they can enjoy their cars to the fullest. Working with Mark and his team at Targa Australia has made our job a whole lot easier too.

I can’t wait to see how our competition class entrants perform given we secured most of the podium spots & winner’s trophy at High Country last year”



Martin Duursma, Lotus Exige, GT Sports Trophy entrant said

I’m now doing my seventh Targa Tasmania and the lure for me is this elusive mixture of excitement, challenge, the amazing roads and the people. To see the local community support the event with smiling kids and such friendly people is heart warming. Of course no competition would be without the banter and comradery that comes with racing. 

I continue to take my Lotus sports car to Targa, for its 5thyear now and haven’t really considered anything else. There is nothing quite like the feeling of a Lotus on the Queenstown stage, it’s an absolute joy and it’s such a capable Targa car & with the support from Simply Sports Cars on the stages it’s like I have my own race team on hand.”



Jeffrey Morton, Lotus Exige, Rookie GT entrant said

It’s my second Targa Tasmania in 2018 and my long-term goal is to eventually win the event. 

This time I'll be in the Rookie Rallye competition with co-driver Steve Fisher. Rookie Rallye is for first timers at Targa Tasmania in Open Competition (no speed limit!). It's a big step up from GT Sports Trophy (130km/h limit) that I won on debut last year. 

After facing the real prospect of never driving again (let alone competitively) with my Brain Cancer scare, being able to take on the best roads in the country is a dream come true for me. You can’t find another event in the world with this combination of intense competition, grueling stages in a long format event that it’s such a challenge just to finish.

I’ve been fortunate to have the support of the Simply Sports Cars crew for my Lotus Exige. They have done all the car prep for the event.  I don’t feel like a customer, it’s more like a partnership. I love chatting with the guys about what the car and what we are going to do with the development of it. Where else can you buy a new car and have the same people support you to use it to its fullest? Whether that be a Track Day, Tarmac Rally or one of the many other events they put on, you just can’t beat it.”


The Lotus Tour;

- Bruce and Duncan
- Greg and Warren
- Peter and Rahavan
- Frank and Angela
- Brendan and Sara
- Hartley and Steve

Rookie GT;
- Jeff and Steve

TSD Trophy;
- Peter & Tristan
- John & Barrie

GT Sports Trophy;
- Martin and Richard
- Mike and Kate


Targa is the largest tarmac rally in the world with 6 days on spectacular Tasmanian roads. You get to drive on the same roads as the competition classes with support the Simply Sports Cars team who have been going to Targa for many years. The Targa Tour is the best way to have a spirited drive on some of the best roads in the world.



Check out their itinerary

Targa Tasmania - Saturday 14th April to Sunday 22nd Spril 2018

Day 1 | Saturday 14 Depart Melbourne – Night sail on Spirit of Tasmania

Day 2 | Sunday 15 April Doc and Scrutiny - Welcome Party - Overnight in Launceston 

Day 3 | Monday 16 April – Targa Rally - Overnight in Launceston 

Day 4 | Tuesday 17 April – Targa Rally - Overnight in Launceston 

Day 4 | Wednesday 18 April – Targa Rally - Overnight in Launceston 

Day 5 | Thursday 19 April – Targa Rally - Overnight in Cradle Mountain 

Day 6 | Friday 20 April – Targa Rally - Overnight in Hobart 

Day 7 | Saturday 21 April – Targa Rally - Official Finish – Lotus dinner (Overnight in Hobart) 

Day 8 | Drive and lunch - Depart Devonport Sunday night on Spirit of Tasmania




In 2017 we secured multiple podium places at Targa Tasmania and Targa High Country. You would be joining the team with a successful track record participating and competing at Targa. 

Take a look at our 2017 achievements on our blog.

We will be returning to Targa High Country later in 2018 as well as participating in the innaugrual Targa Great Barrier Reef, email us if you are interested



To enqure about other Targa Tasmania competition classes please email us


Transport - we can assist with transport arrangements of your vehicle from your home city to and from Melbourne if necessary. We have an available holding facility in Melbourne where pre-event preparation and last-minute checks can be organised with our team. For further information please email us

Vehicle preparation - our team has been preparing Lotus sports cars for many years. We can help you with basic preparation to complete competition class vehicle builds. Our Engineering Team are available to provide a personalised quotation and advice. For further information please email us